The following procedure will be used to implement the provision for advanced entrance into kindergarten of Cabell County Board of Education – Policy 5112.


    1. Parent of child to be five (5) years of age between July 1 and August 31 will contact the principal of the school to be attended to request advanced entrance.


    1. The school must have room for children who are making application for advanced entry. We must first enroll those children who were born prior to July 1.  In most cases, we will not know what the regular enrollment will be until after school startsEARLY ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED UNTIL AFTER THE FIFTH DAY OF SCHOOL ENROLLMENT.  The school will try to notify you as early as possible as to whether your child may start to school.

    Early entries will be excluded at any time during the school year in order to make room for new students who live within the school district and are five (5) years of age prior to July 1. 

    1. Child to be five (5) years of age will be evaluated by observation through participation in the school’s kindergarten program for a minimum of one week.
    2. Observation of the child’s participation in the school kindergarten program will be for the purpose of permitting the child to demonstrate sufficient mental and physical competence for kindergarten placement.
    3. Child’s participation in kindergarten will be observed by a team, consisting of any or all of the following professionals.
    4.   Kindergarten teacher
    5.   Principal/Assistant Principal
    6.   Speech therapist – speech, language and hearing
    7.   Nurse – vision
    8. Child’s placement will be determined by the observation/evaluation of the child by school personnel.
    9. Parent conference will be held to discuss school personnel findings, recommendations and child’s placement status.
    10. All decisions by school personnel will be final.