Enrollment Information

  • When you enroll your student in school, we collect information to allow us to best serve and care for your student while they are in our schools. The information we need to collect includes items such as the educational background on your student, addresses, and phone numbers to contact you, and emergency contacts for when you cannot be reached. Completing the necessary forms when in a busy school office can be stressful, so we created a way to fill in the proper forms and print them to bring with you to your child's school when you enroll them.

    The link below opens a new window with Cabell School's Online Enrollment Form. Please keep two things in mind about these forms:

    • Cabell County does not save any information you enter.
    • Print the form it generates to bring with you to the school.

    Your child will be enrolled after you bring the enrollment forms and necessary items listed below to the school office. If you do not print and bring the enrollment forms to the school, you will be required to complete them again. Once you have finished printing them, you may save the forms to your computer for personal use by clicking on the Save Button (which looks like a floppy disk) or simply close the window.

    As a reminder, Cabell County Schools does not save the information you have entered through the Online Enrollment Process, so once you close the window or refresh the page, that information will be lost.

    Items to Bring

    If your child has never been enrolled in a West Virginia school, please also bring:

    • Immunization record
    • Social Security Card
    • Certified copy of the child's birth certificate from the State Vital Statistic Office (County birth records are not sufficient)