• Do you know the Facts about Homelessness?

    Mckinney-Vento assists children who are experiencing homelessness.  In 2012 school year, 1.16 million homeless children were enrolled in public schools. This is a 71% increase since 2007 school year.  This number didn't include pre-school students or children too young to be in school so the number is actually much higher than reported.  

    Which students could be considered homeless?

    Children who lack a regular and adequate place to sleep at night would be considered as meeting the homeless requirements.

    But, what does that mean?

    It means, students living in shelters, transitional/substandard housing, cars, motels, campgrounds, or sharing a home with someone due to economic hardship would be considered homeless.

    How can the school system help students experiencing homelessness?

    • If it is in the best interest of the child, the school system will work to provide transportation so the student may remain in one school if the student is no longer living in that school district.
    • Immediate Enrollment.  The school system will assist with getting enrollment documents as necessary.
    • There is a district and state homeless coordinator in each county/state to implement the McKinney-Vento requirements; to enhance educational opportunities, eliminate enrollment barriers, and provide assistance in keeping homeless students in school.  For more information about McKinney-Vento Federal Guidelines click on McKinney-Vento.