• Transfers are a privilege that students are given based on numbers and availability. With a transfer comes responsibility for the parents and the students.
    Parents are responsible for transportation and getting their child or children to school on time.
    Students must have good attendance, not be tardy for school or classes, and they must make good choices and have few if any minor discipline infractions.

Transfer Process

  • In-County Transfers
    Parents must make an annual transfer request to a school within the county, but  it is not required in their attendance area.
    Out of County Transfer from an adjacent County
    Out of County transfers to Cabell County are only applied for one time; An Out of County Transfer will allow a student into the County, not giving permission to a specific school. The parent must work with the Office of Student Support and the school administrator to see if the student may attend that specific school. Please see the Open Enrollment Policy below. 
    Out of County Transfer to adjacent County
    Out of County Transfers to an adjacent County are only applied for one time. The adjacent County will need documentation that the student has been released before that system proceeds.
    Out of County Transfers should be applied for at least 6 weeks in advance of the potential enrollment date.
    Out of State Transfers
    Cabell County Schools does not recognize out of state transfers. A student must reside in WV or tuition must be issued. Currently, the tuition for an out of state student is $9,760.68 per year. This is divided into ten (10) monthly payments of $976.07.