Elementary School Education

  • Cabell County Schools strive to engage all students in a rigorous and relevant curriculum.  Through the process of progress monitoring and an intentional focus on individual student data, educators will assist students in meeting high levels of learning and mastery of grade-level standards.





  • NewsELA

    Newsela is an online instructional content platform, featuring high-interest and leveled articles on everything from current events to social studies content standards to paired text aligned to the CKLA reading curriculum. Each lesson can be assigned digitally or as hard copies consisting of the article, vocabulary, thought-provoking quiz questions, and writing prompts aligned to questions on the WVGSA.  

    Newsela's range of reading levels invites targeted intervention and differentiation. Articles may be assigned to individuals as well as small groups, using the quizzes to track progress and make further instructional suggestions. Whole-class work has just as much potential; articles can be selected for targeted instruction on specific reading standards while modeling annotation and close-reading strategies for student learning. 

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    Kristin Giles
    Executive Director, Elementary Education
    Executive Secretary, Elementary Education
    Academic Specialists:
    Culloden,Guyandotte, Hite Saunders, Village of Barboursville, CVLA (K-2)
    Cox Landing, Explorer Academy, Martha, Ona, Nichols
    Altizer, Davis Creek, Milton, Spring Hill, CVLA (3-5)
    304. 528.5040
    Central City, Highlawn, Southside, Meadows, Salt Rock