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2024 Excess Levy Priorities

  • At their meeting August 1, 2023, the Cabell County Board of Education approved its order for the Cabell County School Excess Levy, to be placed before voters as part of the Cabell County Primary Election ballot, Tuesday, May 14, 2024. If approved, the levy would provide funding to the school district for fiscal years 2026-2030.

    The excess levy being presented to voters is not a new tax, but rather a continuation of a levy already in place and continuously renewed by voters every five years since 1954. The excess levy accounts for 19% of the school district’s general fund revenue.

    Because the current excess levy is already at 100% of the Board of Education’s maximum levying capacity, and with its constitutional mandate of providing a thorough and efficient system of free public schools in mind, the Board initiated a process of identifying funding priorities for the next excess levy order.

    The specific line items approved by the Board that voters will see on the Election Day ballot are as follows:

    • School Safety – Including, but not limited to, school resource officers; school security guards; security cameras; security alarm systems; fire alarm systems; emergency communications; and emergency planning and preparedness ($542,112).

    • Cybersafety and Device Security – Including, but not limited to, technology support and cybersecurity ($200,000).

    • Instructional Support and School Libraries – Including, but not limited to, library books; library software; textbooks; instructional software; instructional supplies; postage; postage supplies and equipment; support for instrumental music programs including equipment, music, and supplies, equipment repair, and supplies; art supplies; and student and staff travel ($2,082,924).

    • Career & Technical Education and Workforce Development – Including, but not limited to, staff, equipment, supplies, and travel expenses for CTE programs ($3,120,530).

    • Employee Salaries and Benefits – Including, but not limited to, salaries of personnel in excess of 200 days; salaries for staff in excess of state funding formula; local salary supplements above the state minimum pay schedule; substitute personnel; and employee benefits, including, but not limited to taxes, retirement contributions, insurance benefits, unemployment compensation, and workers compensation ($16,794,470).

    • Summer Programs – Including, but not limited to, staff, student transportation, supplies, and field trips for summer programs ($551,375).

    • School Playgrounds and Outdoor Learning Spaces – Including, but not limited to, new playground equipment; playground equipment replacement; outdoor classrooms; repair and maintenance of playgrounds and school grounds; landscaping; and playground mulch ($215,500).

    • Athletics – Including, but not limited to, salaries for coaches; intramural activities; and other costs associated with athletic programs ($836,808).

    • Facilities Maintenance and Equipment – Including, but not limited to, construction; building repair; roof replacement; asbestos abatement; equipment repair; new equipment; equipment replacement; new furniture; furniture replacement; paving; new vehicles; vehicle replacement; custodial supplies; property insurance; liability insurance; and flood insurance ($4,711,711).

    • Cabell County Public Library – Funds to support the operation of the Cabell County Public Library ($195,089).

    Total: $29,250,519

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