Handle with Care Protocol


    • When a child is exposed to violence, the law enforcement officer or CPS worker will contact via email the identified school personnel(Principal) who will take the initial information (Handle With Care Notice) and then notify appropriate designee (Counselor).
    • Counselor will provide the Handle With Care notice to appropriate teachers.
    • Teachers will observe child’s behavior/academic performance and utilize trauma sensitive interventions as appropriate.
    • If child exhibits problems (emotional/behavioral/academic, etc.), the teacher will refer the child to the counselor.
    • The counselor will assess the child’s needs to determine if counseling/services are needed and provide notice to the parent/guardian.
    • The counselor or social worker will coordinate with DCI Task Force members and refer the caregiver/child for follow-up services as deemed appropriate.
    • The school will attempt to obtain written consent from the parent/guardian for care providers and school staff to communicate about the best interest of the child.
    • School to provide trauma sensitive training to ALL school employees. A process will be developed to alert appropriate school staff of the child’s exposure to violence.
    • School to provide space for law enforcement desensitization process.
    • School to provide space for specialized trauma therapist.
    • Quarterly Defending Childhood Initiative Team Meeting.

    At least quarterly, key DCI stakeholders will review and evaluate DCI and make recommendations for improvement as necessary.

    • Law Enforcement
    • School
    • Advocates
    • Counselors
    • Case workers
    • Community partners
    • Parents
    • Others 

    The Team will assess the following to determine the effectiveness of DCI: academic achievements; truancies; and disciplinary reports. The meeting will not focus on specific cases.


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