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  •  HMS Golden Eagles Team Pic

    Huntington Middle Golden Eagles Soared to Victory and are Crowned Champions in County Novel Knock Out Competition

    Congratulations to the winners of the first annual Cabell County Novel Knock Out Competition! Students from various schools competed in thrilling battles, showcasing their knowledge and love for reading. They had to read three books and put their skills to the test at the county level.

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  • Picture of Gina Barnett at BOE meeting

    Cabell County Schools Assessment Update

    Update from Gina Barnett, Cabell County School Improvement Supervisor/County Assessment Coordinator. The assessment season is in full swing, and we wanted to keep you informed about the upcoming assessments for our students.

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  •  Taneisha Sturdavent and students picture with trophy

    Huntington East Middle School Wins County MATHia Challenge!

    The MATHia Challenge, a monthly event in our middle schools, recognizes exceptional growth in our math classrooms by awarding a Traveling Trophy to the students and teachers with the highest Syllabus growth and APLSE score each month. For February’s MATHia Challenge, the outstanding achievers were Teri Booten from Huntington Middle School 6th Grade, Meredith Withrow from Barboursville Middle 8th Grade, Taneisha Sturdavent from Huntington East 6th Grade and Caroline Kinder from Milton Middle 8th Grade. Taneisha Sturdavent, 6th Grade teacher at Huntington East Middle, and her students secured the esteemed County MATHia Trophy, reserved for the teacher and students exhibiting the most significant Syllabus Growth and APLSE score. Congratulations to all the winners for their remarkable achievements!

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  •  Cassandra Hall and students picture with trophy

    Milton Middle School Wins County Career Literacy Achieve3000 Competition!

    Career Literacy students continue to impress with their efforts on Achieve3000. The teachers with the most growth in Lexile last month and winners of the traveling trophy are Cassandra Hall (6th, Milton Middle School), David Watson (8th, Barboursville Middle School), Kerri Vannatter (6th, Huntington East Middle School), and Amy Johnson (8th, Huntington Middle School). The students with the most Lexile growth in the County earned the County Championship for the month of February...Cassandra Hall’s 6th graders! Congratulations!

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  •  Special Meeting Graphic

    Board Receives Updates on District Budget

    Huntington, Monday, February 26, 2024 - The board members of the school district convened for a special meeting to discuss the budget for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year. This meeting marked the second of four budget work sessions aimed at providing the board with crucial information regarding the district's financial plan.

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  •  Press Conference Image

    West Virginia Supreme Court rules on public library and park board funding through school excess levy

    This decision, which supports Cabell County Schools, underscores a pivotal point: that mandating school district excess levies to finance entities beyond the public school framework is unconstitutional.

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