COVID-19 Protocol

  • Cabell County Schools has developed the following protocol based on guidance provided by the West Virginia Department of Education. The full guidance document can be found below.

    This protocol is subject to change at any time based on revised guidance provided by West Virginia Department of Education and state officials.

COVID-19 School Re-Entry Plan

  • Revised: December 19, 2022


    It is imperative that students are screened every morning before they are taken to school or put on the bus.  If the answer to any of the following questions is “Yes”, you should not send your child to school:

    1) Did my child wake up with a fever, new cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, or loss or taste or smell?  For further instructions on what to do if your child has COVID symptoms, please refer to the “Symptom Guidelines” which can be found by selecting the COVID 19 tab at the top of the Cabell County Schools website.

    2) Has my child been diagnosed with COVID-19 but doesn’t have any symptoms?  They must still stay at home for 5 days.  The medical community then recommends that a mask should be worn for the next five days while attending school.  For further instructions on what to do if your child has tested positive for COVID, please refer to the “Positive Test Guidelines” which can be found by selecting the COVID 19 tab at the top of the Cabell County Schools website.  If your positive child participates in school sponsored athletics then please refer to the “Athletics Guideline”.    

    3) Did my child wake up with a fever, but the fever was broken with medication?  They must remain at home and follow the “Symptom Guidelines” as provided by Cabell County Schools. 

    4) Was my child exposed to someone with COVID?  Students are not required to quarantine due to exposures to positive cases.  The exposed student may continue to go to school if they don’t become symptomatic.  Please monitor for future symptoms.

    *Remember to send an attendance note with an explanation of the absence within three days of your child returning to school.


    As of August 2022, all schools in Cabell County will be returning to in-person instruction.  However, with the COVID-19 virus, all plans are always subject to change.  We will continue to keep you updated if there are any changes to the schedule or any other information contained in this document.

    Traditional 5 Day In-Person School
    •    This is what we consider normal at the beginning of the school year.  All schools will return to this model of instruction.

    100% Virtual through WV Learns
    •    Students may take classes through an internet based virtual school known as WV Learns.  Students in grades 6-12 can take all classes through WV Virtual whole remaining enrolled in Cabell County Schools.
    •    WV Virtual students are entitled to participate in all extra-curricular activities at the school they would attend if not enrolled in the virtual program.
    •    Students opting for virtual classes will remain on this model for an entire semester at a minimum before returning to in-person instruction at the beginning of a new instructional semester.

    Virtual School Blended Learning through WV Learns and their Home School
    •    Students can take some courses at their home school in addition to their virtual school courses.  For example, a student could be enrolled in virtual school for their core courses and take Driver’s Education and Band at the high school.
    •    Students taking a virtual and in-person school course load may be responsible for their own transportation depending on the time of their in-person schedule.

    100% Remote Learning (Not in effect currently)
    •    100% remote learning can only be enacted by the Governor through an executive order.
    •    Remote learning is when Cabell County School students receive instruction from local teachers through internet access or through assignments pushed out through hotspots; or in paper form for those students without adequate internet access.
    •    On an emergency basis, some days may be designated as remote learning days.  Teachers will provide instruction through Chromebooks, paper packets, and other methods as needed for short periods of time.  Remote instruction days will be announced through the School Messenger system, email, notification on the WVDE website, and through social media.


    Bus Operators have the responsibility of transporting our most precious cargo and they must have the cooperation of all students to be able to transport them to and from school in a safe manner.  Following is a list of procedures that must be followed this year:
    •    Students and staff members may wear face coverings as a personal decision.  There is not a mandatory masking policy in place at the current time.


    It is the responsibility of every Cabell County Schools employee to do their part in working to make sure our facilities are clean, safe, and ready to serve our students.  The students also have a responsibility to do their part as well.
    •    Maintenance staff are responsible for insuring that all ventilation systems continuously meet the air quality standards established by state and federal agencies.  This includes the regular changing of filter and monitoring of the digital control systems.
    •    Custodians will work to clean and disinfect all restrooms, common areas and high touch areas such as door handles on a regular basis throughout the day.  They will also coordinate the collection of waste from classrooms after breakfast and lunch.  Additional COVID Custodians will be staffed at each school to ensure these tasks are able to be completed.
    •    Teachers and Aides will be responsible for ensuring that their classrooms and the high touch areas in their classroom are cleaned and disinfected.  They will also see that toys, tools, and manipulatives are cleaned and disinfected as needed.
    •    Kitchen staff are responsible for the production and serving of meals as well as the cleaning and disinfecting of all kitchen and service areas.
    •    Individual employees will be responsible for the cleaning and disinfecting of their respective work areas.
    •    Cleaning and disinfecting supplies have been purchased for all schools and Cabell County School owned buildings throughout the district.  Each school will be equipped with cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, and personal protective equipment that will be used at the discretion of the teacher and aide assigned to the room.


    •    Necessary changes have been made in the way we serve meals and the way students eat their meals.
    •    Cafeterias may be used at full capacity for both breakfast and lunch.  All kitchen equipment will be cleaned and disinfected in accordance to Cabell County Health Department standards.


    •    Athletics and band will continue to follow the guidance of the WVSSAC in regard to participation and performances.  


    •    Students are expected to follow all rules and regulations pertaining to actions to keep themselves and their fellow students safe.
    •    Students are expected to do all work assigned and to keep up with the pace of class regardless of whether they are attending school in person, through virtual school, or participating in remote learning.
    •    Students should take care to keep their work spaces clean, avoid sharing utensils, pencils, pens or any other items that may contribute to the spread of the virus.
    •    Students need to listen carefully to the bus drivers and do their best to limit their exposure on the buses by staying in their assigned and follow the direction of the bus driver in regard to boarding and exiting the bus.
    •    Students need to work with their fellow students, staff, and the community in general to do everything they can to help us get back to normal operations.


    •    All staff members are expected to follow all rules and regulations pertaining to actions to keep themselves, their co-workers, and the students they serve safe.
    •    All staff members are required to set the example of how we want everyone to behave in the school setting.
    •    All staff should work to do their best to fill the role that they have been assigned.  Every member of the Cabell County School’s family has an important role to play in the safety, education, and welfare of the students we serve.
    •    All teachers, administrators, counselors and specialists are expected to establish and keep open lines of communications with their students and their parents and guardians.
    •    All staff members are expected to work to provide the same quality education during the COVID-19 pandemic that we would in a normal school year.