District Safety and Ancillary Services

  • The District Safety and Ancillary Services division encompasses a wide variety of essential school district operations, including Food Service, Transportation, Risk Management, Safety and Security, Construction, and, most recently, Pandemic Response.

    All of us at Cabell County Schools rank school safety as a primary concern, right next to academic achievement. We have been working closely with our Homeland Security Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), which encompasses all first responders in Cabell and Wayne counties, to ensure Cabell County Schools creates and maintains the safest environment possible for our students, staff, and community. We are improving our schools' ability to communicate with their faculty and student bodies through the ability to broadcast announcements using a hand-held radio. We have also met with all local law enforcement agencies to increase their presence in schools where a School Resource Officer (SRO) is not located.

    We are in the process of building new or remodeling several schools with Safe Schools Entrances (mantraps). These entrances contain a visitor until they can be vetted by school staff. These projects will be ongoing.

    All school employees are being trained in Active Shooter Drills and Procedures by the FBI.  In addition to this training, our Transportation Department employees are participating in advanced training with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

    Our department will be conducting unannounced safety and security audits of each school that cover many aspects of our operation, from transportation to food security. These have been valuable tools to help improve security.

    As always, if you Hear Something, Say Something by using one of our reporting avenues:

    - Let’s Talk

    - Safe Schools

    - Stop It

    - Schoology

    - Contact your principal, local police, or Central Office

    Our team stands ready to assist you. Please feel free to contact us when we may be of service.


    District Safety and Ancillary Services

    Tawnette Keyser
    Administrative Assistant