• Thank you for your interest in a teaching career in West Virginia.  You are encouraged to visit the West Virginia Department of Education website at https://wvde.state.wv.us for the most current information available for current and future applicants applying for licensure in the State of West Virginia. 

    *Please note that West Virginia does offer reciprocity with other states. All forms required for obtaining and maintaining certification in the State of West Virginia are specifically located at the certification page of the WVDE site. 
    As an applicant from an out-of-state institution, the items listed below will need to be completed.  Please visit the West Virginia Department of Education website for further clarification.

    - Form 20A for Out of State Teaching Applicants

    - FBI/fingerprints/background check, along with a Form 7. 

    - A copy of the valid teaching license you would like to transfer to West Virginia. 

    - Copies of all transcripts reflecting all degrees earned. (Student teaching must be reflected on the transcripts being submitted from an approved educational preparation program.  If you do not have a student teaching experience reflected on a transcript, you must have a letter from the state issuing the Professional Teaching Certificate stating that your first year of teaching counted as your student teaching experience).

    - A Form 4B for a Character Reference in lieu of a superintendent’s signature from West Virginia. 

    - A Form 12 if you would like to add Advanced Credentials not listed on your certificate (Master’s +15, +30, +45) Bachelor’s (+15, +30). 

    - Payments are submitted online at the WVDE Office of Certification payment system