Retirement Information

  • Are you thinking about Retiring?

    Complete the following steps: 

    Step One: Contact the Retirement Board to setup an appointment at 1-800-654-4406.

    Note: The Retirement Board will determine eligibility, years of service and provide your retirement packet. The Board Office does not distribute these packets nor can we determine your eligibility and service years.

    Step Two: Complete the Resignation Forms listed below and give to the appropriate personnel office.

    Professional Personnel Contacts 
    Debbie Smith, Manager 304.528.5085
    Jenny Thompson 304.528.5075
    Becky DeHart 304.528.5042
    Paula Maultsby 304.528.5073

    Service Personnel Contacts     
    David Tackett, Manager 304.528.5044
    Shellie Adams 304.528.5026
    Kelli Collins 304.528.5093  

    Step Three: Contact Retirement Coordinator Kelly Adams by email at or by phone at 304.528.5204 to schedule an appointment to complete Benefits Coverage Package that includes health insurance, life insurance, dental and vision insurance, Cabell County Association death benefits, and other related insurance products.  


Retirement Forms