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  • Types of Guests

    Supervised Visitors - Read aloud by volunteers, parent​ volunteers in classrooms, and field trip​ volunteers in the presence of school employees. Supervised visitors are not required to complete volunteer training. 

    Non-supervised Volunteers - Student teachers, mentors, overnight field trip volunteers, tutors, or any volunteer who may lack the supervision of a school employee.

  • All non-supervised volunteers must complete training yearly per Cabell County Schools Policy 8120 which includes the following:

    • Review all volunteer training materials on the page below.
      • Presentation
      • Video on Meghan's Law from the West Virginia Department of Education
    • Complete the volunteer questions and training form.
      • Quiz attempts are time and date-stamped.
      • Two quiz attempts are permitted per day and you must score 80% correct.
      • Upon submission of questions and quiz, click View results to view the percent correct.
      • If you do not pass the quiz, review all the training materials before attempting the quiz again.
    • Upon successful completion of the volunteer training quiz, you will receive an application in your email.

  • Cabell County Schools utilizes a completely online process to initiate a background check using Secure Volunteer. After the volunteer training component has been reviewed and a successful quiz completion is logged, you will need to visit the school with your driver’s license to scan, complete the volunteer application, and follow principal/designee protocols for required training. An email containing a link to the background check will be sent to the applicant. 

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Volunteer Documents