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    Cabell County Schools is implementing the Stopfinder Mobile App. Stopfinder allows a parent or guardian to monitor their child's bus, and to be notified when their child arrives at school or their final bus stop. 

    The app is currently being deployed to all schools.

    Please note:

    • An email address for the primary contact must be in the student's WVEIS record  (only one email will be sent out per student).
    • The primary contact becomes the Stopfinder contact once the account is activated. This Stopfinder primary contact may add others needing their child's transportation schedule to the account.
    • Parents will have seven days after receiving an email notification to activate their account in Stopfinder.

    To begin using the Stopfinder mobile app: 

    • Step 1: Follow the link emailed to you from the district to activate your account. 
    • Step 2: Download the Stopfinder app from the Apple or Android app store.
    • Step 3: Set a password.  

    Apple App Store Image  Google Play Store image

    Once logged into the app, you will need to update your profile and set “GeoAlerts” for points along your child’s bus route where you would like to receive arrival notifications. These could include your child’s school as well as a final bus stop or drop-off point.

    Links to the Parent Stopfinder Quick Start Guide and a user instruction video are included below.

Let's Talk Feedback for Stopfinder

  • We would appreciate your feedback as we launch this pilot of the Stopfinder app. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please submit those utilizing our new Let’s Talk! service at the following link

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Stopfinder App Tutorial Video