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  • WAN Fiber RFP

    Cabell County Schools seeks a quality firm to install a WAN replacement fiber service to provide connections from its eligible sites to its district hub. Bidders are advised that this project will be contingent upon the successful obtaining of E-Rate funding, and the contract agreement between Cabell County Schools and the selected vendor must recognize that contingency. 2023/02/28

VoIP Hardware

  • Cabell County Schools seeks competitive quotes for VoIP Telephone Hardware. Bids are due at 11:00 AM, September 2, 2022. Email the Technology Department for a bid packet. The packets are also available at the reception desk of Cabell Schools, 2850 5th Avenue, Huntington, WV, 25702.


Camera Upgrade for Three Facilities

  • Cabell County Schools seeks a vendor to upgrade the camera systems at Cabell Midland High School, Huntington High School, and the Central Office. The system will replace the current CCTV NVR systems in the facilities with camera-based storage, a mobile-accessible system that archives to cloud storage. The project requires design, installation, training, and warranty support. Bids are due at 10:30 AM, May 27, 2022.

    Email the Technology Department for a bid packet. The packets are also available at the reception desk of Cabell Schools, 2850 5th Avenue, Huntington, WV, 25702.



    Are the BOMs provided 100% accurate? (Some differences noted when comparing to drawings)

    Cabell Co BOE drawings

      • Floor 1 EE camera count (First and second pages) - there are two red arrows near the Theater 108. Typically red arrows have cameras, but there are no cameras plotted here. (This could change the Floor 1 EE count by 2 cameras)
      • I only note 10 outdoor cameras on the drawings (5 on page 1 and 5 on page 2) but the BOM indicates 25. Where is the discrepancy?

    The BoMs will be the accurate count for the bid. When bidding, please bid the amounts on the BoM.

    HHS Drawings

    1. 1st page of drawings lists 110 existing cameras but BOM only shows 109 indoor cameras - is there a 1:1 replacement?
    2. It is hard to count the plotted Meraki cameras in the drawings, but from what I can count, the numbers don’t fully add up with the indoor camera count
    3. I count 15 outdoor cameras but only 14 in BOM
    4. No drawings for HHS Baseball field, HHS Football field, and HHS Guard

    The BoMs will be the accurate count for the bid. When bidding, please bid the amounts on the BoM.

    I am not sure what is needed in drawings for the fields and Guard house. The BoMs show the required equipment needed at those locations.

    During a project planning meeting with the winning bidder, the angle of camera and long range connection to building will be finalized. Please expand on what is needed with the drawings in order to provide a qualified bid.

    CMHS drawings

    1. BOM says 103 but I only count 94 cameras (difficult to count)
    2. No drawings for CMHS Baseball field, CMHS Softball Field, CMHS Football Field or CMHS Band

    Same thing as the HHS Drawings

    Any other details about existing cameras/racks/switches at athletic buildings at CMHS and HHS? (how many Ubiquiti stations do we need)

    Enclosed racks are required at these locations.

    One Ubiquiti device per building

    Each building has power available

    How do we know about cabling needs?

    All cameras will need to be cabled. The existing POE camera cabling was not installed into IT closets. This project will correct that.

    Can packets be delivered in person or must they be mailed?

    Packets can be delivered in-person or mailed to us. Either way works as long as they are received before the deadline.

     For onboard storage (not cloud), what is the required minimum days of video storage on the camera?

    All retention will need to be at least 30 days.

    Do you require new Category 6 cabling for all cameras?  Or if there is an existing Category 5e or 6 cable to the camera should we utilize it?

    Yes, some new runs will need to be ran. All new cabling will need to be Cat6.

    At the Central Office, all cameras need to have new cabling ran.

    At Cabell Midland, the Analog cameras are labeled, and will need to have new cabling ran.

    At Huntington High, We show 67 Coax cameras that will need to have new cabling ran.

    How many racks are needed for the athletic buildings and is there available power?

    1 Rack per building.

    Yes, there is power available in each building.

    Do you require the racks for the athletic buildings to be enclosed or open racks?

    Enclosed racks please

    Would you like us to provide UPS for the new racks in the athletic buildings?

    UPS in the athletic buildings is not requested for this project

     What’s the expected minimum resolution and frame rate?

    The camera specs were in the BoMs are listed as Camera model or equivalent.

    1. Are cameras expected to always record (on motion events) at that maximum resolution listed or can frame rates and resolution be set lower to increase storage retention

    Always record at that maximum resolution listed.

    Is the specified retention period and storage calculated based on storing 24 hours of footage per day and recording at 24FPS and full resolution footage?

    No, we are expecting 24FPS and full resolution on motion detection only

    Are cameras expected to always record (on motion events) at that maximum resolution listed or can frame rates and resolution be set lower to increase storage retention

    Always record at that maximum resolution listed.

    What’s the required hardware warranty?

    Listed in the RFP

    Hardware warranty will be provided at no cost, does Cabell intend for that to include installation labor or will Cabell staff handle the RMA swap? 

    Cabell staff will handle RMA swap

     Will preference be given to vendors who have immediate product availability and can commit to the project being completed during summer prior to students ring in session? 

    That has yet to be determined


    Are all analytics required to be included in vendor’s responses and pricing submission (regardless of the type/number of products or licenses necessary to provide the specified functionality)?


    Do you want to be able to person search via photo, advanced people analytic filtering (gender, clothing color, presence of backpack, etc), person face search, vehicle analytics?


    Do you want group management capabilities, advanced permission sets?


    Do you value and want a dedicated mobile app with the same uniform user experience between the browser and mobile app?



    Do you want cloud backup included, and/or with an unlimited cloud archiving (regardless of the type/number of products or licenses necessary to provide the specified functionality)?

    This is answered in the RFP:

    Is the ability to receive push notifications or SMS alerts required functionality?





  • Access Control System

    Cabell County Schools seeks a firm that can provide an access control system for all facilities in the district. The system will replace the current access control. The project requires design, installation, training, and warranty support. Bids are due at 10:30 AM, May 3, 2022.

    Email the Technology Department for a bid packet. The packets are also available at the reception desk of Cabell Schools, 2850 5th Avenue, Huntington, WV, 25702.

    The walk-through of facilities will start at 8 AM each day at the first school on the list, starting Monday, April 18, 2022.

    Questions, Answers, and Clarifications for Access Control System

    Do you have plans for the project for each school?

    Due to security issues, we will release them during the walkthrough.

    Do you have an existing Vendor that services your existing access systems and what is the name of the existing systems?

    Electronic Specialty out of Dunbar, WV has been servicing the system.

    The server we are using is Facility Commander and the controllers are GE PXNplus.

    Any existing locking hardware and associated devices should be utilized based on your knowledge.  Can that be identified on your plans?

    The walkthrough is designed for bidders to discover this information.

    Is there a budget number for the project and is it using ESSER funds?  

    ESSER funds will not be used for this project.

    Are site surveys mandatory?  

    We will accept all bids but joining us for the walkthroughs is strongly recommended.

    Bid document details 1. g. states software that allows for an unlimited addition of readers, users, groups, and cards without extra fees.  If by fees, are you referring to door licensing?

    If there are any licensing fees, then they need to be lifetime and included with the purchase price of the device. We want to avoid ongoing fees for usage of the system.

    Licensing is typically already included in hardware or requires a license to be purchased. Details 1 n. calls out button buttons to instigate lockdown events.  Can you elaborate on that or give an operational example?

    Looks for a big red button that is installed on the wall in the office area of each building that will initiate a lockdown of all doors.

    Details 1.s.  What is meant by badging deployment?  Are existing cards being reused? Or is it an existing database that is being reused? Or a combination of that.

    We are looking for new cards/key fobs as part of this project. As part of the project planning, we would work with the winning builder to determine the best method for migrating the data. I doubt we will want to use the existing database, but could use the existing data in a new database or build out new data from scratch. We will provide data in CSV format if building new data from scratch.

    Details 1 z. states that doors are in lock position from outside during power outage.  In the case of mag locks being on these outside doors then the mag locks could only be secure with a battery backup. Mag locks do not have a fail secure option.   What is the length of time that power would need to be supplied to these doors during a power outage?

    10 minutes would permit custodians the time needed to secure doors if needed, but we prefer 30.

     Details 1 aa. Can you elaborate on this statement?  What exactly is needed here?

    Here is an example: A door is opened after the alarm has been set, standard alarm is notified.

    What intrusion alarm system is in place currently?

    Standard Alarm monitors the system

    What vendor currently manages the system?

    Electronic Specialty or Standard Alarm

    Is the alarm system at HLES going to be included on this bid project or will it be bid separately at a later date?

    No, the alarm interface will be a separate bid if needed.

    Is this project being federally funded and is it subject to Davis-Bacon Act?

    Funds for this project are local. Fair Labor practices must still be followed.

    Active Directory Integration is mentioned in the RFP.  Is this integration to be furnished or is the system just to have the ability to integrate with Active Directory?

    We expect for the AD integration to be built during the installation phase of the project. Administrative users logging into the dashboard will need to use their AD credentials.

    The access control system in some schools monitors the door contacts on non-controlled doors, is this to be maintained in the new system?


    The access control system in some schools is integrated to the intrusion detection system in that school, is this integration to be maintained with the new system?


    I believe the access control and intrusion system at Highlawn elementary is an integrated system with the HVAC control systems in the school. Will the county contract with the existing HVAC controls company at Highlawn Elementary to remove any integration between the security and HVAC systems that will interfere with the operation of the HVAC system when the security equipment is removed?

    No, the winner of this bid will need to integrate any new solution and remove connections to existing system.


    Cloud-Based is preferred and we can always host a server in our data center. It is mandatory for a no-subscription solution to be bid. 

    Power Over Ethernet card readers are preferred but not mandatory.

  • Cloud VoIP Telecommunications RFP

    Cabell County Schools seeks a firm that can provide a cloud Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telecommunications system. The system will replace the current on-premise PBXs from multiple vendors and must be capable of meeting future needs. The project requires the design, implementation, training, and support of a cloud VoIP telephone system, including both physical hardware, software, and telephony service.

    For a copy of the bid packet, please email the Technology Department.

    Questions regarding the RFP

    Questions closed at 12:00 PM EST on 2/21/22.

    • When will Cabell County Schools begin install and when is the estimated Go-Live date?
      • Installation can begin as soon as the Purchase Order is ready.  Pending board approval on March 15, a PO should be ready by April 1, with Go-Live no later than July 1.
    • For Failover/survivability: Will a mobile backup be acceptable or do you require a failover gateway (that allows analog line usage for interdepartmental and 911 calls) at each site?
      • Mobile backup is acceptable, but if possible, please quote a failover gateway that would work with analog as an additional option.
    • Installation: Cloud providers usually send pre-provisioned phones that the customer simply plugs in. The rest is handled remotely via Meetings & Video conferencing (as it is being built in the cloud); Is this acceptable/preferred or will you require phone placement?
      • Our team is limited in size and capacity, so we prefer the quote to include installation.  We understand this may require a local subcontractor.
    • Will you require Paging adapters to integrate the phone system with the paging/overheads? Or will those remain separate and be upgraded/integrated in a later project?
      • We do require all-call via phone, so we will need paging adaptors for all but one school.  Highlawn Elementary has a newer intercom system that can be accessed via SIP trunk.  All other paging systems are currently set up to accept a FXO trunk interface, which can be provided by a FXO Gateway.
    • If Analog failover & paging adaptors are required. Will your team be able to install with remote support from the vendor? Or will you require on-site technicians?
      • We prefer this to be as turn-key as possible, so an on-site technician or local subcontractor would be needed for the analog failover and paging as well.
    • Is the Bid Bond required for monthly recurring services?
      • The bid bond in the Cabell County Schools Cloud VoIP RFP applies only to the physical equipment and installation portion of the RFP, not the ongoing service costs.
    • What specific capabilities are you interested in for Teams integration?
      • Cabell County Schools is a child of the WVDE Teams contract, so we don’t have administrative rights to Teams.  What we would like to see is some way for end users to integrate their PBX extension with their Teams interface locally, so that they can receive and send calls from Teams.  This sort of integration would be nice to have, but it’s not a requirement, and if our lack of administrative access precludes it then we can set aside this request.
    • Will you consider premise-based PBXs?
      • Due to the size of our staff, we are requesting hosted solutions rather than premise-based solutions.  This will also allow flexibility such as the use of mobile applications should our internet service be interrupted for any reason.
    • Have you all discussed extending the due date of the RFP, or is this a firm deadline?
      • This is a firm deadline.  If we aren’t able to find a solution that meets our needs by this deadline, we will rework and repost the RFP.
    • In your school/phones breakdown, please describe what phone line (not device) functionality is needed for a “class” phone and a “shared” phone (ie: do those phones need to have voicemail, call forwarding, etc.?  Or just the ability to make and receive calls?
      • At a minimum, we expect a classroom/shared extension to offer: voice mail (classroom), voice mail to email (classroom), inbound caller ID, outbound caller ID, call forward, call hold, call transfer, call waiting, do not disturb, selective call recording capabilities enabled for users per call on demand, 911 location identification, internal 911 notification, soft phone PC integration, mobile application integration.
    • With regard to the intercoms and kitchen ringers over the horns - Are you wanting pricing on integrating the existing/currently installed equipment with your future hosted phone system or do you want pricing on new ringers/horns/intercoms that are native to a hosted phone system? 
      • For intercoms, we would need an FXO gateway on-site to allow integration for the majority of the schools (all but Highlawn Elementary).  Intercom replacement is outside the scope of this RFP. For kitchen ringers/horns we would need devices native to the hosted phone system.
    • In Section 1.3, there's the following requirement:
      Hosted SIP Trunking to support 150 simultaneous calls, scalable monthly to more or less as needs require o Preference for the ability to reserve at least one trunk per location to ensure that no location is ever unable to make/receive calls, even if a crisis at another location consumes more trunks than normal.
      With regard to this requirement, are you accepting bids from fully hosted VoIP providers? 
      • In regard to bids from fully-hosted VoIP providers, we are certainly accepting bids.  The language in the RFP is to clarify basic needs.  We have identified two major approaches to hosted VoIP: services where each extension receives its own callpath, and services where extensions share callpaths, which typically price separately for the extension and the callpath.  The RFP details what we expect to be minimum needs for callpaths for anyone bidding that second system approach.
    • How many overhead paging systems do you all have, where we will need to tie into?
      • We have an overhead paging system at each school location, 25 locations (because Southside and HMS are co-located and therefore share equipment).
    • How many fax lines will you need?  Efax, or fax machines?
      • We currently have 13 faxes running via ATA at the Central Office, 4 faxes via ATA at Cabell Midland, and 1 fax over ATA at Huntington High.  All other faxes are POTS and will be retained as such.  We prefer the ability to handle faxes electronically, though we are open to continuing to utilize analog gateways for the faxes running over ATA if that is a better solution.
    • Regarding the equipment pricing, how would you like to see pricing presented?
      For example, there are an existing amount of Classroom phones to be replaced versus Secretary phones. Each category of phone (Admin, Secretary, Staff, Classroom, Shared, Conference) will have their own individual unit cost. Would you like to see the units per category totals, one total of all categories combined or both?
      • We would prefer to see it priced both ways - units per category totals, with a overall total for all categories.
    • Can you explain more about the bid bond that is required?
      • Construction projects require bid bonds per policy. Bid bonds can be required for projects that involve physical hardware and installation in a competitive request for proposal. This project contains significant equipment and installation, so a bid bond is required for bidding purposes.
    • Can you confirm that you want all phones in the upfront cost?
      • Yes, we do want all phones in the upfront cost – we want to see the quote on the numbers we specified plus 5% additional we can have on hand for replacements/additional extensions as needed.
    • If you are using ATAs now, can you give me the model number(s) of the ATAs?
      • The ATAs we are currently using are actually expansion cards in our Nortel BCM PBXs that allow analog ports.  They would be useless with any other system.