• Mission Statement

    Central City Elementary is committed to creating an engaging partnership with students, parents, and the community to provide each student with the knowledge, skills, and attitude to become thriving citizens in a diverse, technological world. 

  • Vision Statement

    Central City Elementary strives to develop and nurture well-rounded, life long learners who are CONFIDENT, CREATIVE, CRITICAL THINKERS.

  • Core Beliefs

    We believe...

    • Students learn best in an environment that is safe- physically, socially, and emotionally- for all students, and where the development of character traits such as integrity and mutual respect are the expectation.
    • Students deserve a high quality, standards-based, data-driven education that promotes creative and critical thinking as well as perseverance in applying acquired skills and knowledge to solve real-world problems. 
    • Students are most successful when they see themselves as a vital partner of the school and their families to achieve their unique potential as a learner- including work ethic development and regular attendance. 
    • Ongoing, embedded, professional development is essential to provide educators with the tools necessary to support life-long learning and student success in a diverse, technologically integrated society.