• The HHS Honors Program provides an enhanced and challenge high school experience who are interested in participating in additional academic work and discourse and community service.

    Students who participate in the Honors Program opt into a four-year academic journey with its own assignments, projects and meetings, outside of the school day designed to broaden the students' worldview and thought processes. Honors Program students read and work with scholarly articles, books, and other materials to complete their work, which culminates in their Senior Passion Projects. These projects focus on improvement and addressing existing needs within the community, with recent examples ranging from the fundraising and installation of artificial turf for the local Little League to organizing an ASL presentation of "Little Orphan Annie" to doing important work with Colorism and its impact on the community.

    The HHS Honors Program is housed at Huntington High School, with Mrs. Amy McElroy serving as the faculty advisor.

    Amy McElroy, 304-528-6561; amy.mcelroy@k12.wv.us