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Huntington High Visual Arts Students Win Multiple Awards this School Year

It has been another highly successful year for Huntington High School Visual Arts students and teachers. Below are some of the major awards received during the 2022-2023 school year.

Charleston West Virginia’s FestivAll 2022 Art Show
Jocelyn Baker received First place for the 10th–12th Grade Category for her painting “Cat and Frog.” Jayden Booth placed third in the 7th–9th Grade Category for her tempera painting “Bottles of Blue.”

Honorable Mentions in the 10th–12th Category went to the following students: Serenity McNeely’s “White Wolf” ceramic piece, Elsa Meade’s acrylic painting “Cherry Bomb,” Brilee Counts’ ceramic Converse Shoe titled “My Chuck,” Ciera Thacker’s Pen and marker “The Bee,” Ava Smith’s “Greener Pastures” painting, Rebecca Estep’s “First Bite” ceramic piece, Mackenzie Bush pencil drawing “Untitled,” Campbell Murphy’s photo “untitled,” Chloe McCoy’s photo “Fantasy,” Elijah Moore’s photo titled “Orange,” Justice Riddle’s photo “untitled.” 

Ciera Thacker’s pen and ink piece “Boy in Red” was chosen for the official FestivAll poster. Jocelyn Baker’s painting “Cat and Frog” was chosen for the official FestivAll publicity photograph.

Winners for being chosen for a juried show include: Samaura Minor’s ceramic “Learning the Hunt,” Colton Esque’s ceramic “Misty Morning,” Julianna Rigot’s ceramic “I am Going Thru Changes,” Julie Ross’ ceramic piece “Royal Blue Tang,” Jackson O’Roark’s ceramic piece “Life’s Path,” Mackenzie Robertson’s ceramic “Earl Grey,” Nic Brown’s ceramic vase “Autumn,” Katie Lawrence’s ceramic piece “The Catch,” Lauren Lockwood’s ceramic panda “I Ate It All,” Lauryn Coffman’s oil pastel pointillism drawing “Untitled,” Charlotte Tigchelaar’s “Blue Abstract Bottles” painting, Sophia Fry’s painting “Purple Monochromatic Bottles,” Katherine Lawrence’s “Soft Teal Bottles” painting, Michaeyla Page’s “Pretty in Pink” painting, Alyssa Clatworthy’s painting “Facets and Monochromatic Purple,” Sophia Bryant’s painting  “Monochromatic Bottles with Heart Shape.”  

Photography entries accepted include Rebecca Adkins “untitled,” Mason Allen “Limits,” Addison Bellomy “untitled,” Breanna Blevins “untitled,” Carol Bolen “Nymph,” Lycan Carpenter “They Talk to Me,” Jessie Crowder “Breath of Air,” Aden Delaney “Foliage,” Jonah Downer “Jonah,” Brinley Elkins “Bloom,” Maniya Foster “Yellow Bright World,” Grace Gustafson “Nature's Serenity,” Tamara Hamlin “For the Sun Rises,” Montonasia Haywood “Aster Folds,” Ciara Henry “untitled,” Emmah Kelley “untitled,” Gzareon Jackson “Rhythmic Waves,” Tra Vaun Jennings “Under the Tree,” Nathan Kozar “Aster,” Jacob Lafferty “untitled,” Chris May II “Launcher,” Matthew Meade “DragonFly II,”  Donovan Meadows “Converging Paths,”  Madison Miller “untitled,” Conor Mobley “untitled,”  Regan McCormick “untitled,” Davide Peece “Oscuritā - Darkness,” Jacquavius Sanders “Black and Yellow,” Christian Saunders “Falls End,” Nick Slaughter “The Great Stadium Light,” Andy Sturm “Untitled,” Avery Townsend “Ready to Fly,” Ava Webb “STOP,” Matti White “Morning Shadows,”  Emma Williams “Araña.”

PEP (Prevention Empowerment Partnership) Marijuana Myths Poster Contest
Layla Montoya was awarded First Place. Abby Thompson received Third Place. 

2022–2023 Young Illustrator’s Contest for the Cabell County Reading Council
Gabriella Courts received first place for “Brisingr” in the 11th grade division. Lauryn Courts received first prize for her illustration of “Agnes at the End of the World” in the 9th grade division.

The First Lady of WV Student Ornament
Serenity McNeely received one of the First Place honors for her ceramic mouse “Nutcracker” Christmas ornament which will permanently hang in The West Virginia State Museum in Charleston. 

Ceramic ornaments placed on the governor’s tree: Nutcracker theme by artists Kylee Bailey, Nic Brown, Brilee Counts, and Elsa Meade. 

Marshall University 2023 Black History Poster Competition 
First Place awarded to Jocelyn Smith 

The Martin Luther King, Jr. State Holiday Commission 39th Annual Poster Competition, in collaboration with Beta Beta Omega Chapter, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
Lillian Sadler’s mixed medium artwork was awarded Second Place in the 9th–12th grade category.

West Virginia Governor Justice's Postcard Contest
Freshman Rubard “Ruby” Ronan won Second Place for her painting “Kanawha State Forest” Postcard and Senior Jocelyn Baker placed Third for her “Bluestone National Scenic River.” 

Rio Grande Annual Teachers and Students Art Exhibition 2023 Rio Grande, Ohio
Elsa Meade received an Honorable Mention for her acrylic piece “Flamingo Lawn.”  Julianna Rigot received an Honorable Mention for her ceramic piece “For the Love of Cherries.” Andy Sturm also received an Honorable Mention for his photo “Three in a Row.”

Artwork being accepted for juried competition include pieces by Julianna Rigot, Brilee Counts, Elsa Meade, Lori Gilkerson, Allison Sparks, and Andy Sturm.

“Pennies for the Arts” GFWCWV Art Exhibition
Artists had their work shown at The Greenbrier Resort after receiving First Place in their division, including Local Best in Show Ribbons. Advancing to the state competition were Lauryn Coffman for her drawing “Fractured” and Amelia Townson for her acrylic painting “Morgan Wallen.”

Huntington Woman’s Club Art Awards
Local First Place awarded to Ava Webb for her Photo “Rufus,” Second Place received by Montonasia Haywood “Tufted Titmouse,” Third Place received by Andy Sturm for his photo “Three in a Row,” Lillian Sadler, for her Color Pencil “Heaven,” was awarded First Place, Second Place was received by Emma Masey for “All Eyes on Me,” and Third Place went to Sophia Bryant for “Dragon Flies.”  In the Ceramics category, Brilee Counts received First Place for her piece titled “My Chuck,” Serenity McNeely was awarded Second Place for her boot “Country Girl,” and Third Place went to Gabby McCormick for her ceramic vase “Summer Days & Nights.”  In the Drawing category Lauryn Coffman won another ribbon, this time Second Place for “Louis Armstrong,” Third Place went to Marie Bush for “Pumpkin.” Jocelyn Baker received Second Place for her acrylic painting “Lake View,” and Third Place went to Sophia Bryant for her acrylic painting “Dragon Flies.”

Congressional Art Award presented by The Cultural Center
Madison Lawson won Second Place with her acrylic painting “Depression," representing the 3rd District. Madison’s painting will go to Washington DC to be on display. Students juried to participate in the West Virginia Congressional Workshop and award ceremony in Charleston include, Mack Bush, Jayden Booth, Ava Smith, Elsa Meade, Jocelyn Baker, Ethan Meadows, Lauryn Coffman, Montonasia Haywood, Natasha Carpenter, Reagan McCormick, Ava Webb, Gzareon Jackson, Matthew Meade.

WV Jr. Duck Stamp Art Contest
Group III 7th – 9th Graders Duck Stamp Artwork Awards
Lauryn Coffman Placed First.
Jayden Booth received Second Place.
Sophia Bryant received Third Place.

Group III 7th – 9th Graders Duck Stamp Conservation Message Winners
Sophia Bryant won Second Place.
Lauryn Coffman won Third Place.

Group IV 10th – 12th Graders Duck Stamp Artwork Awards
Lillian Sadler placed second.
Ava Smith placed third.
Jimena Martinez received an Honorable Mention.
Mack Bush received an Honorable Mention.
Charlotte Tigchelaar received an Honorable Mention.
Jocelyn Baker received an Honorable Mention.
Gracie Hutchison received an Honorable Mention.
Emily Clatworthy received an Honorable Mention.

Group IV 10th – 12th Graders Duck Stamp Conservation Message Winners
Jocelyn Baker received First Place. 
Charlotte Tigchelaar received Second Place. 
Magdalene Young received Third Place.
Rebecca Hamilton received an Honorable Mention. 
Ava Smith also received an Honorable Mention.
Sophia Fry received an Honorable Mention. 
Emily Clatworthy received an Honorable Mention. 
Kira Mount-Page received an Honorable Mention. 

Governor’s Art Academy
Ava Smith received the honor of being chosen as one of the 10th graders to attend The Governor’s Art Academy this summer at Marshall University.

Huntington Museum of Art Portfolio 2023
Montonasia Haywood received an Honorable Mention for her photograph “Tufted Titmouse.”

Mason Allen received an Honorable Mention for his photo “Eyes See You.”    

Huntington Parks and Recreation District Art Show
Winners for being chosen for the show include Tally Mamula for her oil paste ‘Still Life in Green and Purples”, Brilee Counts ceramic piece “American Pie,” Matthew Meade photography “Forgotten Soldier,” Gizarean Jackson photography “Through the Glass,” Kira Mount-Page photography “Deep Blue,” Montonsasia Haywood photography “Tufted Titmouse,” Gabriella Courts colored pencil “Untitled,” Demdreus Prudhomme’s graphite “Wu-Tang.” and Allison McKeand for her ceramic piece “Cat’s Eye.”

American Legion Auxiliary Poppy Poster Contest
First Place Winners in their division going on to compete in the Nationals include the following students:
Class V  Ava Smith.
Class VI Jocelyn Baker.
Class VII Elizabeth Jordan.
Class VIII Aziah Berry.

Senior Gold Art Awards
Nic Brown and Julianna Rigot received The Award of Excellence in Ceramics Fine Art Pin and Art Charm. Brilee Counts and Allison McKeand received The Excellence in Art Award Fine Art Charm. Elsa Meade received The Excellence in Visual Art Achievement and was awarded the Art Charm. Jocelyn Baker received the Award of Excellence Fine Art Painting Award and an Art Charm. Golden Photography Visual Art Award Pins were presented to Ava Webb and Matthew Meade.