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Cabell Midland's Sarah Talkington's Origami Swan selected for Tri-State Juried Art Exhibition

We are thrilled to share the success story of Sarah Talkington, a talented student from Cabell Midland High School. Her extraordinary origami swan has been selected to be displayed at the 2nd High School Artist of the Tri-State Juried Art Exhibition. 🦢

Sarah's inspiring journey reminds us that in life, we have the power to transform what we're given into something beautiful. She believes that even from seemingly unworthy components, we can create art that soars. 

Just like the art of origami, Sarah takes individual pieces and, from her unique perspective, learns to soar. Her resilience and creativity have earned her this prestigious opportunity to showcase her talent. 🎨

Join us in celebrating Sarah's remarkable achievement and her ability to find beauty in unexpected places. Let her story inspire you to embrace your own unique perspective and create something extraordinary. 🙌

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Chrisa Hayes