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Fusion Center’s Commitment to Excellence Award for Mr. Kim Cooper

Fusion Center’s Commitment to Excellence Award for Mr. Kim Cooper


The West Virginia Fusion Center is an agency under the WV Department of Homeland Security and the designated state repository for all actionable threat intelligence. The Fusion Centers Fusion Liaison Officer (FLO) Program is a vital part of the Fusion Center’s success.


FLOs are Subject Matter Experts in their area of responsibility, strengthen information sharing, and enhance multi-jurisdiction partnerships. We rely heavily on our FLOs to not only assist us in maintaining situational awareness, but in keeping their agency knowledgeable of current tactics, techniques, and critical incidents that might otherwise go unnoticed. As a FLO Kim is an active participant in helping ensure the safety of his community and the state.


Kim Cooper understands the mission and vision of the Fusion Center and the FLO Program and is an active participant in quarterly FLO meetings and the annual FLO Training Conference. Kim is also an active member of the newly established FLO Human Trafficking Working Group. Additionally, it has welcomed the Fusion Center to Cabell County to train on important topics such as the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative and the Human Trafficking Program.


Thank you FLO Cooper for your service to the FLO community for the past 4 years.

Kim Cooper & work family picture with board members