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Huntington High Wins 1st Place at 50th Annual John Marshall  Speech and Debate Tournament

Congratulations to Huntington High School Speech and Debate Team for Winning 1st Place in the Team Sweepstakes in both Speech and Debate at the 50th Annual John Marshall Speech and Debate Tournament.  

The following were individual winners:
Congressional Debate
5th Place - Josh Bonyak 
4th Place -Hunter Gracey
2nd Place – Joseph Farrell 
1st Place - Alexandra Biddle
Best Presiding Officer - Hunter Gracey
Quarter Finalist - Andrew Duncan
2nd Place – Claire Salisbury
1st Place - Audrey Barrios
Top Novice - Claire Salisbury
Public Forum
Semi Finalist - Andrew Miller & Alexandria Jones
1st Place – Cameron Mays & Ethan Lovejoy
2nd - Samuel Felinton
6th Place - Daevion Wilson
5th Place - Bethany Booth
4th Place - Reese Null
2nd Place - Heidi Adkins
1st Place - Josh Bonyak
Humorous/Dramatic Interpretation – 
3rd Place - Max Hill
2nd Place – Kak Plybon
1st Place - Sophie Eastone
Program Oral Interpretation
2nd Place - Kak Plybon
1st Place - Elizabeth Felinton
Duo Interpretation
4th Place - Isaac Specht & Keon McClure
3rd Place - Caroline Rollyson & Elizabeth Felinton
2nd Place – Sophie Eastone & Lily Browning
6th Place - Cerese Thomas 
5th Place - Nisha Kumar
2nd Place – Elizabeth Felinton
Semi Finalists
Josh Bonyak
Keon McClure
Cerese Thomas
6th Place - Nisha Kumar
4th Place - Nadia Samassekou
3rd Place - Patrick Clouse
2nd Place - Audrey Barrios
Improv Duo
6th Place - Josh Bonyak & Nick Booth
4th Place - Elizabeth Felinton & Caroline Rollyson
3rd Place - Kak Plybon & Sophia Fry
2nd Place - Patrick Clouse & Sage Sigdel
Informative Speaking
6th Place - Aiden Blinn
5th Place - Colin Salisbury
2nd Place - Sophie Eastone
Original Oratory
5th Place - Kodi Mandeville
4th Place – Nisha Kumar
4th Place - Sophia Fry
1st Place - Sophie Eastone
6th Place – Claire Barrios
5th Place – Nadia Samassekou
3rd Place - Caroline Rollyson
2nd Place - Elena Alves
Individual Speech Sweepstakes
6th Place – Kak Plybon
4th Place – Caroline Rollyson
3rd Place – Sophie Eastone
2nd Place – Elizabeth Felinton
5th Place – Caroline Rollyson
4th Place - Claire Barrios
3rd Place – Samuel Felinton
1st Place - Elizabeth Felinton