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Shelby Lucas - Service Employee of the Year

Shelby Lucas is a secretary at Explorer Academy and has worked in Cabell County Schools for almost 7 years. 6 of those year have been at the Explorer Academy.

Ms. Lucas has taken many courses for her Professional Development.  Some of those include “Lessons from the Mouse”, which is a book study on customer service, and “Engaging Students Online” a virtual communication training.

Ms. Lucas has also served the “Office of Service personnel Management” by being one of the trainers for newly hired secretaries and bookkeepers.

Ms. Lucas is a member of the Junior League of Huntington and is a Service Personnel Representative on the Explorer Academy’s Leadership Team.

When Explorer Academy Assistant Principal, Mary Beth Svingos was asked to give a quote about Ms. Lucas she said:  Ms. Lucas is the heart of the Explorer Academy and is the engine that keeps their train moving forward.