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Cabell County Schools Releases 2021 “Back to School Guide”

Cabell County Schools has released its official “Back to School Guide” for the 2021-2022 school year. The guide is available on the district’s website,, under the “Families” heading, or simply click here.
The “Back to School Guide” is a “one stop shop” for students and parents seeking information about the following topics and much more:

“We are so excited to have students returning to school August 18,” says Dr. Ryan Saxe, Superintendent of Cabell County Schools. “While we are not completely out of the woods when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have learned to be very responsive in adapting to the needs of our students and community while successfully and safely continuing the education process. We were able to conduct full-time, in-person learning for all students beginning in March, and, since the end of school, we have had a wonderful time hosting more than 2,000 students as part of our Summer Learning Adventure.”
Dr. Saxe says district leaders and its Chief Health Officer are in constant contact with local and state health officials and the district has been receiving guidance for how to continue to operate schools safely while meeting the education, social and emotional needs of children.
“Last school year was extremely difficult for many of our students,” says Dr. Saxe. Besides dealing with the many personal issues surrounding the pandemic, they had to struggle with imperfect learning situations. We know that most children perform better when they have the support of caring adults and their school community behind them. In the year ahead, we want to offer our students a sense of normalcy so they can catch up on what they’ve missed and continue to progress. The time they are in school is crucially important to charting the paths we all hope will lead them to successful, happy lives.”
While many students undeniably struggled with online learning last year, Superintendent Saxe says there are others who flourished. To provide additional flexibility for families, the district has introduced its new Cabell Virtual Learning Academy. This academy is taught by certified West Virginia teachers, with all K-8 classes led by Cabell County teachers. K-8 students receive live instruction throughout the day, while high school students meet with teachers and are given flexibility as to when assignments are finished. Students follow the Cabell County Schools calendar, can participate in extracurricular and other activities at their schools, and are provided with free Apple learning devices. Upon completing requirements, seniors can graduate with their class and receive a diploma from their home high school.

Registration for the Cabell Virtual Learning Academy is open through August 10. For more information or to register online, visit the Cabell Virtual Academy website.