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District Operations and Support Update: Progress Across Cabell County Schools

In the latest developments within the district, significant progress has been made in various construction projects across Altizer Elementary, Meadows Elementary, Davis Creek Elementary, Milton Elementary, and the Woody Williams Center for Advanced Learning and Careers.

At Altizer Elementary, the construction team is eagerly awaiting the arrival of steel for the office addition. Recent milestones include the placement of cast stone on top of the addition and the successful installation of flooring in the new addition. A new phase of flooring installation commenced on Monday, marking further advancements at the site.

Meanwhile, Meadows Elementary, situated at its new location, continues to push forward with site grading work, albeit subject to weather conditions. Crews are diligently tying rebar for piling and grade-beam, with progress evident in the pouring of some grade beams. Construction of the retaining wall is underway, showcasing the dedication of the team to meet project milestones.

Davis Creek Elementary, also at a new location, is seeing notable developments with the completion of exterior brickwork. Simultaneously, the installation of gas lines is in progress, alongside ongoing work on ductwork and roof drains in conjunction with steel decking. Additionally, the playground design is nearing completion, adding an exciting element to the school's landscape.

Milton Elementary, operating from its new location, has achieved the pouring of concrete for the second floor. Plumbing and HVAC work are progressing steadily, while the construction team has commenced erecting walls for the second floor. Additionally, the design phase for the playground has been initiated, promising engaging recreational spaces for students.

At the Woody Williams Center for Advanced Learning and Careers, significant strides have been made with the removal of upstairs floor cuts and the roughing in of plumbing. New conduit installations are in progress, alongside the pouring of interior footers and the installation of door frames. A Construction Change Directive is currently in motion, emphasizing the adaptability and responsiveness of the center to evolving requirements.

Looking ahead, the district has outlined projected timelines for playground completion at various schools. Davis Creek Elementary and Southside Elementary are anticipated to unveil their playgrounds in Summer 2024, while Milton Elementary and Meadows Elementary are expected to showcase their recreational spaces in Winter 2024/2025 and Winter 2025/2026, respectively.

The collective efforts and dedication of the construction teams and staff highlight a commitment to enhancing the learning environments and facilities for students across the district. Stay tuned for further updates as these projects continue to unfold and shape the future of education in our community.

Chrisa Hayes