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District Operations and Support Update

In the District Operations and Support update, here are the highlights of the ongoing projects:

1. Altizer Elementary: The brick veneer around the classroom addition will continue, weather permitting. They will also set up classroom RTU's and install electric unit heaters in mech/roof access rooms. Additionally, the drop grid will be installed this week.

2. Meadows Elementary (New Location): Site grading work is ongoing, and they are working on weekends. The weather outlook is more promising, allowing them to continue excavation of the access road and fill placement for the parking area on the east end of the building. Next month, a sub-contractor will arrive on-site to begin drilling caissons.

3. Cabell Midland High School: The installation of turf at the baseball field will start or continue this week.

4. Davis Creek Elementary (New location): They are continuing with electrical conduit preparation work and the installation of a gas line. They are also working on the metal roof decking installation in the Support Staff area and Main Hallway. Additionally, the installation of ductwork in classrooms and roof drains in conjunction with steel metal decking installation is ongoing.

5. Milton Elementary (New location): This week, the second floor concrete will be poured, and the roofing material is on-site and being installed.

6. Cabell County Career and Technical Center (New Location): The upstairs floor is starting to be removed, and plumbing rough-in is in progress. New conduit is being run, and the interior footers are ready for pour as part of the Bond Project.

Justin Boggs, Deputy Superintendent