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Technology & Information Systems Update

The Cabell County Board of Education recently held a Special Meeting - Board Work Session to discuss the progress and plans for Technology & Information Systems. Jason Jackson, the Director of Technology, presented key priorities aimed at preparing students for college and career success.

One important topic discussed was the Camera Upgrades. The district plans to enhance surveillance capabilities by implementing a cloud system and video walls in high schools. Additionally, cameras will be installed to monitor fields and external facilities, ensuring student safety.

Federal E-Rate Plans were also addressed, with Category 1 focusing on a special construction project for a fiber network. This initiative will increase bandwidth for schools and result in faster speeds and lower costs. Category 2 involves renovating network cabling and hardware in specific schools.

Voice over IP Phones have been upgraded, providing an increased and modern calling system. All secondary classrooms are now equipped with phones, ensuring uninterrupted communication. 

Cabell County Schools manages a significant number of devices, including iPads, MacBooks, Apple TVs, Mac Minis, and iMacs. Student MacBooks will undergo a shift to standard user rights, and a refresh cycle is planned for the next school year. 

Maintenance, repairs, and upgrades have improved technology performance and efficiency. Learning platforms such as Clever and Schoology have been extensively used, and electronic access controls have been implemented on numerous doors for enhanced security.

Other projects include intercom/bell system updates for middle schools, network cleanup, and a paperless cloud-based enrollment process investigation.

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Chrisa Hayes