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Department of Education Announces Cabell's 2023 Golden Horseshoe Winners

The West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) has announced the 2023 Golden Horseshoe winners for Cabell County Schools. Since 1931, students have been honored as knights of the Golden Horseshoe, having demonstrated exceptional knowledge of West Virginia history on the state administered exam. 

This year, 226 winners will join the ranks of West Virginia citizens who have won this prestigious award. Cabell County's winners will have an opportunity to be recognized at the WVDE's Golden Horseshoe ceremony on June 13, 2023, at the West Virginia Culture Center in Charleston. The Cabell County Schools winners are:
Eli Norris, Barboursville Middle School
Parker Vanreenan, Barboursville Middle School
Henry Riegel, Huntington Middle School
Laurel Johnson, Huntington Middle School
Logan Sears, Milton Middle School
West Virginia Studies Teachers: Brian Casto, Kelly Punzalan, Johnna Adams, Rastina Smith, and Jacob Saul