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Explorer Academy Earns EL Education Credential for “Excellent and Equitable” Student Impact  

Cabell County Schools is pleased to announce that Explorer Academy, 2901 Saltwell Road, Huntington, WV, has received an EL Education Credential, honoring the school’s “significant impact and progress on their pathway to excellent and equitable impact for students.” 

Credentials are awarded to EL Education partner schools to recognize excellence in at least one of its three dimensions of student achievement, including mastery of knowledge and skills; character; and high quality work. Explorer Academy received its EL Education Credential for its work in two of those dimensions: character and high quality student work. 

“We are honored to work alongside educators in these communities to ensure all students have opportunities to master their academic goals, develop character, and contribute high quality student work to the world,” said Peter Sherman , Senior Director Quality and Impact at EL Education. “These Credentialed schools have built remarkable bodies of evidence showing student mastery across these dimensions, serving as models for what public schools have the power to do."

According to the EL Education website (, the EL Education Credential recognizes schools across the EL Education community that have attained remarkable student achievement results across all three dimensions of student achievement through deep implementation of the EL Education school model. The model is a set of Core Practices that serve as a blueprint for transforming instruction, assessment, leadership, curriculum, school culture and character, with the support of EL Education school coaches.

“Research on cognitive development shows that social, emotional, and academic development intertwine and reinforce each other,” says Ron Berger , Senior Advisor, Teaching and Learning, at EL Education. “When schools can effectively nurture all kinds of student development, their students can achieve excellent equitable outcomes in multiple ways that matter. Their students excel academically, but also as human beings who demonstrate ethical character, and who put their knowledge and skills into action to create high quality work, including important contributions to a better world."

EL Education is a national nonprofit partnering with educators to transform public schools and districts into hubs of opportunity for all students to achieve multiple dimensions of success. The hallmark of EL Education’s approach is an expanded definition of student achievement rooted in the science of learning and development.

For more information about Explorer Academy and the EL Education Credential process, please contact Principal Ryan McKenzie by calling (304) 528-5126 or by email at