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Cabell Schools Working to Boost Two-Way Communication with Let’s Talk!

As part of its continuing effort to facilitate two-way communication between the district, its schools and their diverse stakeholders, Cabell County Schools is announcing its implementation of the Let’s Talk! communication platform.

Let’s Talk! is a cloud-based engagement and customer service solution designed to make it easier for students, parents, and other members of the community to ask questions and to share concerns. Let’s Talk! is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any computer, tablet, or smartphone, allowing community members to reach contacts at the school or district levels whenever their schedules allow.

“We believe Let’s Talk! has tremendous potential for further strengthening our school community by improving our daily interactions with one another,” says Dr. Ryan Saxe, Superintendent of Cabell County Schools. “Life is so busy. Sometimes, the amount of information we sort through each day can seem overwhelming. Even so, I believe it is critical that, as a school family, we place great value on our personal interactions with one another.”

Dr. Saxe explains that Let’s Talk! eliminates many barriers to communication, simplifying the process for users and ensuring their inquiries are fully addressed in a timely manner. 

“It is through this sort of basic relationship building we can establish common ground and nurture a shared desire for each student to be provided with the individualized support they need to graduate and to live a successful, happy life,” adds Dr. Saxe. 

When accessing Let’s Talk! through a district or school website or mobile app, visitors will have a choice of asking a question of the ChatBot or sending a message directly to a school or district staff member. The ChatBot is a digital assistant pre-programmed with responses about trending or popular topics and is continually updated utilizing software analytics.

If the ChatBot cannot fully answer a question, or if users wish to bypass the ChatBot entirely, a message can be sent to a specific school or department. Based on information provided by the user, messages are automatically routed to the most appropriate individual or team. Messages are monitored by the software which provides automatic reminders to the recipient to respond. Once a response is received, users may rate the quality and timeliness of that response.

“Let's Talk! doesn't replace our traditional email or phone systems...or even the immense benefits of an in-person conversation,” says Dr. Saxe. “It is simply an additional tool we have employed to encourage open, honest, two-way communication between our staff and the students, families, and school communities we are pleased to serve.”