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2021 Cabell County Fair Livestock Show

Congratulations to the 2021 Cabell County Fair Livestock Show winners!!

Market Steers

Grand Champion: Charles "CJ" Simpson 

Reserve Champion: Marlee Norris

Market Lambs

Grand Champion: Adison Wilmoth

Special Lambs

Grand Champion: Aidan Hanna & Kayley Smith

Feeder Steers

Grand Champion: Allie Clagg

Feeder Heifers

Reserve Champion: Dylan Smith

Market Swine

Grand Champion: Madison Tooley

Reserve Champion: Tristen Childers

Market Goats

Grand Champion: Chloe Irwin

Market Rabbits

Grand Champion: Analeigh Armstrong


2021 Junior Showmanship Awards

Market Steers - First place: Luke Norris; second place: Noah Prichard

Market Lambs - First place: Adison Wilmoth

Feeder Steers - Second Place: Allie Clagg

Market Swine - First Place: Justin Smith

Market Goats - Second Place: Kaitlin Scarberry

Market Rabbits - First Place: Analeigh Armstrong

Feeder Heifers - Second Place: Macey Norris


2021 Senior Showmanship Awards

Market Steers - First Place: Marlee Norris; second place: Charles "CJ" Simpson

Market Lambs - First Place: Adison Wilmoth

Feeder Steers - Second Place: Chaston Holley

Market Swine - First Place: Tristen Childers; Secon Place: Kayley Smith

Market Goats - First Place: Brittaney Walker

Market Rabbits - First Place: Danielle Berry; Second Place: Analiegh Armstrong

Feeder Heifers - First Place: Kenzie Morrison


Rookie of the Year

Market Steers - Luke Norris

Market Lambs - Jon Dietz

Feeder Steers - Allie Clagg

Feeder Heifers - Dylan Smith

Market Goats - Chloe Irwin

Market Swine - Maddie Smith


Best Homegrown


Market Steers - Kierra Holley

Feeder Steers - Makinley Prichard

Market Swine - Kacey Dixon


Cabell County Born & Raised

Feeder Steers - Allie Clagg

Market Swine - Kacey Dixon

Market Goats - Chloe Irwin

Market Lambs - Kendall Black