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WV Adult Education ESL Student of the Year

WV Adult Education ESL Student of the Year
Reem Nagib was recently recognized by the WVDE as the WV Adult ESL Student of the Year.
Ms. Nagib worked with the Cabell County ESOL program to go from barely being able to introduce herself to achieving ESL Level 4 in a single year.
This is what her team had to say about her progress:
Reem was very committed and dedicated to learning. In less than six weeks, she had made remarkable progress. And, even more exciting, Reem was proud to explain that she could communicate with her son’s preschool teacher. Soon, Reem shared that she could read stories with her son in English. That bond with her son is one of the most special, exciting, and surprising benefits she received from class.
By the end of the school year, Reem reached ESL L4 and was helping lead the small group of the other low literacy students. She was an inspiration and the whole class was proud of her! She continues to discover and speak her words and we wish her great success as she continues to grow in her English-speaking skills.
We’d also like to extend our gratitude to Ms. Nagib’s ESL team including ESL teacher Naomi Wilson.