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Chloe Smalley Serving on National Girls Collaborative Project Youth Advisory Board

Chloe Smalley, a sophomore at Huntington High School, was recently selected to join the National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP) Youth Advisory Board. She is one of only 19 U.S. representatives currently serving on the prestigious board. 

The mission of the Youth Advisory Board is to provide feedback on current NGCP initiatives and to inform the organization's future direction. NGCP supports board members' pursuit of STEM by providing them with unique opportunities. 
Chloe is one of two girls in her school’s aerospace engineering program. She is an advocate for girls in STEM and hopes to help level the playing field in traditionally male-dominated subjects. She has attended the West Virginia Governor’s STEM Institute where she studied space objects such as galaxies and exoplanets through telescopes, and edited pictures using the electromagnetic spectrum. She has also attended the United States Naval Academy’s Youth Leadership Program and founded the STEM club at her school. She was also the winner of the regional Social Studies fair in World History with a project titled "Girls Escaping Gravity-A History of Women in Space", and was elected the state president for the WV Junior Classical League Convention (state Latin convention). 

Chloe aspires to study aerospace engineering at the United States Naval Academy. Her goal is to become the first female astronaut from the state of West Virginia and to explore Mars. She plans to use her career to advocate for women in STEM as well as in the military.