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Cabell County Schools Assessment Update

Update from Gina Barnett, Cabell County School Improvement Supervisor/County Assessment Coordinator

The assessment season is in full swing, and we wanted to keep you informed about the upcoming assessments for our students.

ELPA21 for EL (English as a Second Language) students has been successfully completed. We commend our EL students for their hard work and dedication during this assessment.

Mark your calendars! The SAT School Day for high school students will take place on April 9th. This is an important opportunity for our students to showcase their academic skills and knowledge.

The GSA Window for science, reading, and math assessments is scheduled from April 22nd to May 3rd. We encourage all students to prepare and give their best during this period.

The DLM (Dynamic Learning Maps) assessment will be conducted from April 8th to May 17th. This assessment is designed to support students with significant cognitive disabilities, and we are excited to see their progress.

We appreciate the efforts of our students, teachers, and staff in preparing for these assessments. Your hard work and commitment to academic excellence are truly commendable.

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Gina Barnett