Weather Codes


=         STUDENTS report on a TWO (2) HOUR DELAY 

=         Teachers, Aides, Cooks report on a ONE (1) HOUR DELAY

=         Transportation Department, Building Administrators & School Secretaries, Custodians, Maintenance Department, and Central Office staff report at REGULAR TIME 


The following employees REPORT to work. (Reporting times indicated in parentheses) 

=         ALL 261 Day Administrators* (2 Hour Delay) 

=         ALL Building Principals* (2 Hour Delay) 

=         ALL Maintenance Workers* (Regular Time) 

=         ALL Bus Mechanics* (Regular Time) 

=         ALL Head Custodians* (7:00 a.m.) 

The following employees report ONLY following the SIXTH (6th) Code Red Day 

=         261 Day Secretaries, Accountants, Auditors** (2 Hour Delay) 

=         240 Day Employees** (Custodians 7:00 a.m. All others 2 Hour Delay)

Employees NOT on the list WILL NOT report on ANY Code Red Day. However, if we utilize all Six OSE Days, employees who have a contract in excess of 200 Days will have their ending date extended by one day for each Code Red Day utilized BEYOND the six allocated days.  These days are required to complete the duration of your contract in excess of 200 days. Following each day we go beyond the six scheduled OSE days, you will receive an updated work schedule with your revised last day of work. 

*These employees are entitled to an OSE Recoupment Day for each Code Red Day worked, up to a maximum of Six (6) OSE Days. OSE Recoupment Days (if any) must be utilized prior to the last day of June, and may not be utilized on a day that requires the hiring of a substitute to cover the absence. 

**If circumstances dictate, the supervisor may call these employees to work during any of the first six CODE RED days. If these employees are asked to report and they work that day, they will be eligible for an OSE Recoupment Day for any day they are brought in to work. 



SPECIAL NOTE: To be eligible for an OSE Recoupment Day, employee MUST be present on the CODE RED day. You CANNOT take a Personal Day, Sick Day, Emergency Day, or Vacation Day on that day, and later receive an OSE Recoupment Day. 

Additionally, since the system is CLOSED on a Code Blue Day, and nobody works, you are NOT eligible for an OSE Recoupment Day for that day.
 NTID CLOSURES (For Inclement Weather)

If it is announced the district is closing utilizing a Non-Traditional Instruction Day (NTID), students are provided assignments that can be accessed through Schoology.* For specific grade-level instructions, visit the NTID Instructions page located under the "Students & Families" heading.  

If an NTID day cancellation occurs, the following will take place:

=         Students will not report, but all employees will be expected to work.

=         Administrators, custodians and maintenance employees will report at the regular time.

=         All additional staff members will report on a two-hour delay. 

=         Teachers are to be available by email and phone for student questions.

* If you have questions about assignments to be completed during an NTID closure, please contact your school.


Day-to-day substitutes do not work when school is cancelled.

Long-term substitutes are those in the same position for at least 30 days and Workers' Compensation Shadows. Long-term substitutes are to report on the same schedules as the employee for which they are substituting for all codes.