Updated Quarantining and Mask Guidelines

Cabell County Schools is announcing today updated guidelines for schools, students, and district staff regarding quarantining and mask usage. These guidelines have been established in consultation with the district’s Chief Health Officer and the Cabell-Huntington Health Department.
The updated guidelines regarding quarantining are as follows:
  • If deemed to be exposed to COVID-19, a student/staff member must quarantine immediately.
  • Quarantine time may be reduced to 10 days if a student/staff member presents a negative COVID-19 PCR test performed day 7 or later of quarantine AND they are asymptomatic. 
  • Student/staff member that leaves quarantine after day 10 must ensure they continue to wear a mask at all times, monitor for symptom development, and socially distance to the greatest extent possible.
  • If after leaving quarantine the student/staff member develops COVID-19 symptoms, they must immediately return to quarantine. It is heavily advised they be re-tested for COVID-19 via PCR testing.
  • If a student/staff member declines COVID-19 PCR testing on day 7 or after of quarantine, they must remain quarantined for a total of 14 days. 
  • In the event of a core/classroom outbreak or a school outbreak, quarantine time for students/staff will be 14 days regardless of a negative test. It is advised individuals seek testing day five or after of quarantine to identify any new cases from exposures.
  • Fully immunized students/staff (2 weeks after the final vaccine) will not be required to quarantine after a COVID-19 exposure.
  • If an unimmunized student/staff member has proof of a COVID-19infection (positive PCR test) within the past 90 days, they will not be required to quarantine after a COVID-19 exposure.
The updated guidelines regarding mask usage and desk shield are as follows:
  • Mask wearing at all times when possible will continue to be policy in grades PreK-12 and for all staff. 
  • As long as appropriate mask wearing is occurring, students/staff wearing masks are not required to use desk shields in the classroom. 
  • Desk shields are available to students/staff who wish to continue using them, however, desk shields are not a substitute for mask wearing. 
  • Use of desk shields will be enforced in the cafeteria when students are unmasked and eating. 
  • Vaccinated staff members may eat meals with only other vaccinated staff. Unvaccinated staff members should not eat with those vaccinated. 
  • For students/staff who are unable to wear a mask due to an underlying health condition, use of a desk shield will be required.
Printable .pdf versions of the updated guidelines are attached.

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