Students to be inducted in Golden Horseshoe Society

Students from across Cabell County recently participated in the Golden Horseshoe Test.  The test, which evaluates knowledge of West Virginia History has been given to eighth graders every year since 1931.  The program was named after the golden horseshoes given to the early explorers of West Virginia.  The following individuals will be inducted as "Knights" and "Ladies" of the Golden Horseshoe Society.

Winnie Bird, Barboursville Middle School
Juliet Bond, Milton Middle School
Natalie Simpkins, Covenant School
Tristan Hornbuckle, Huntington Middle School
Eli Morris, Milton Middle School
Makenna Ryder, Barboursville Middle School
Audrey Barrios, Huntington Middle School

Brian Casto, a West Virginia Studies teacher at Milton Middle School, has been selected to receive an Honorary Golden Horseshoe.   Individuals selected for this award have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to West Virginia Studies.   Casto produces animated lessons on his YouTube channel titled “West Virginia History in Two Minutes or Less” and is the 2022 Cabell County Teacher of the Year.      

The ceremony to induct the students and recognize Mr. Casto will take place Friday, June 25, 2021 beginning at 9:00 AM (ceremony one) at the West Virginia Cultural Center in Charleston.  Seating is limited.  

For more information about the Golden Horseshoe Test, please contact Justin Boggs, Cabell County Executive Director Middle Schools, by calling (304) 528-5533.

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