Drug Prevention Education

Guest Speakers
Featured above, left to right, Jack Luikart, Adam Foster and Matt Mullins.
Jack Luikart was a law enforcement officer for 30 years, 21 of which he worked narcotics.  He constantly bought dope then arrested the source.  The problem continued.  He began looking for other ways to slow down the problem.  He now works for Military Affairs and Public Safety in Charleston.  He travels around urging students to not experiment with drugs and to encourage their friends and family to not use drugs.  
All of these men want to see a change in West Virginia. 
Immediately before the presentation, Adam administered Narcan to a lady right outside our school.  He saved her life.  He also gave her a card and asked her to contact him when she was ready to get help.  Adam has been in recovery for 17 months.  He lived the "honeymoon period" of choosing to smoke marijuana, and then he lived many years when drugs controlled him.   After using drugs from the age of 9 until the end of his 20s - spending most of his 20s behind bars - he is now passionate about helping others.  He will often travel 4 hours to transport people to an open bed to begin recovery.  
Matt is also in recovery.  He went through the hard times of life with Adam and now they are both reaching out to help others. 

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