Wellness Activities!

Student Push Up
There has been lots of physical activity at Crossroads Academy September 23 - 27, 2019.  Many of the students have been excited to exercise!  A fitness challenge was issued, and many students answered!  Students could choose from a variety of activities to earn points toward a reward basketball game on Friday, September 27th.  The students were required to accumulate at least 10 points from Monday through Thursday in order to play.  Some students were so excited, they earned all their points in one day!  It was wonderful to see students so willing to push their boundaries (and muscles) toward this goal.  
Several students did more than 100 wall pushups and 60-80 traditional pushups.  There were successes all around!  This was such a great week for fitness at Crossroads Academy.  For some students, this week opened their eyes to the abilities inside themselves.

Each of the following activities earned a point this week:

64 Ounces of Water Drunk in a Day              50 Jumping Jacks                  10 Pushups
25 Wall Pushups                                            25 Lunges                              25 Squats
25 Crunches                                                   60 Seconds in Wall Sits         30 Seconds in Plank Position 
60 Seconds Running

The basketball game was a huge success.  The students were enthusiastic and energetic throughout the games and displayed wonderful sportsmanship. A huge "thank you" to Mr. Torlone and Mr. Culver for assisting with the games. 

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