Parent Volunteer

Huntington Middle School seeking “Get a Life!” volunteers


Huntington Middle School, in conjunction with the West Virginia Treasury Department, will participate in “Get A Life!” Thursday, November 21, 2019, with the first session beginning at 9:20 AM and the second one beginning at 12:40 PM. 

The students are given "a life"?with occupations, families, and?incomes.? Students must then visit various "vendors" to provide for their families within the means they have been given.?

Most children,?of course, have no real experience?budgeting, and quickly get a dose of reality as they run out of money.? ?The first "life" our students are given?represent occupations with no formal training after high school.? This helps to represent the importance for any higher education, whether it be vocational school, university, or junior college.? Halfway through the game, we ask the students to turn in their cards, so they can be replaced with cards representing the income of an occupation requiring?formal training.? The students inevitably realize any education after high school makes for a better living situation for themselves and their families.?

Making this event a success depends on volunteers.  Volunteers might be distributing materials or playing the role of a vendor.? Vendors will be "selling" homes, cars, insurance, and other required products and services to the students.? 

If you are interested in being a volunteer or would like more information, please contact Angela Nottingham by calling the school at (304) 528-5180, or by email at [email protected]