Virtual School FAQs

General Virtual School Questions

What is the cost for virtual school?  
Virtual school is free for Cabell County full time students.  

Are students enrolled in an actual virtual school?  
Students who register for virtual school classes remain enrolled in Cabell County Schools at their “brick and mortar” school. 

What is the difference between remote learning and virtual school?  
Remote learning is when the teachers in our schools are providing instruction and guidance based upon the teacher’s instructional planning and pacing.  Remote learning will occur as scheduled in conjunction with a face-to-face instructional model or when students who attend a traditional five-day instructional model are required to move to at home learning by order of the Health Department or Governor. Virtual school is an already created course with clearly defined directions and expectations for student learning and participation.  

If I choose virtual, can my child still participate in the Cabell County Schools food program and receive meals? Will the food pickup sites and schedule be the same?
Cabell County Schools is working to provide meals for all our students regardless of the instructional option they choose to enroll in for the 2020-2021 School Year.  More details on our food service program for virtual school and during remote learning days will be forthcoming.  

How will IEP students receive services? 
IEP and 504 team meetings will need to convene to address instructional accommodations, instructional options, and related services to determine if virtual school will meet the student’s needs.  

How is content delivered?  
Content can be delivered through videos, links, articles, etc. Students have modules they work through. After completing work, the teacher is expected to provide thorough feedback to students allowing the students to progress forward in learning.  

What if the parent and/or guardian doesn’t have internet?  
The blended option would allow for all assignments to be uploaded to the student device on days attending school. Virtual school requires reliable internet.  

Can parents get in touch with the virtual school teacher when needed?  
Teachers are available by email for middle and high school students. Elementary school teachers can be reached by their school phone, email or through a scheduled conference via Microsoft Teams.  

Are there any times where a virtual school student would have to go into the school?  
Virtual school classes do not require any classes on school campus. There are times throughout the course at the secondary level where students need to come in to take proctored exams. If schools are in Phases 1 or 2, students will not be expected to enter campus to take exams; however, if schools are in Phase 3, students will be expected to take the proctored exams at the school.  

How long will virtual school be an option for students?  
Cabell County has offered virtual school for its secondary students for years. This is the first-year virtual school is available for elementary students. Virtual school will be available to all K-12 students for the 2020-2021 school year. Students may make the choice at semester change if they would like to be back at their school building (brick and mortar campus).  

How will my child receive speech and physical therapy as a virtual school student?  
It is our goal to help students enrolled in virtual school with speech and physical therapy through tele-therapy services. 

If it is decided that the student does not want virtual school, does the student have the option during the year to choose blended or traditional?  
Students have until the 10th day into the semester to change from virtual to another option. Once that 10th day has passed, students will need to wait until semester to change.  

How will students get devices?  
Each school will have a deployment date announcement.  Deployments may vary based on the school's size to accommodate for social distancing.  

How do I access my K-12 email account information (As it pertains to students in virtual school)? 
Upon enrollment in a West Virginia school system, all students have an email assigned to their unique student identification number. If a student will be using a Cabell Schools iPad or MacBook for virtual school, the email account and password will be included on the information sheet when the device is deployed to the student. If the student is not using a Cabell Schools device, the information can be retrieved from the school counselor or school SYSOP. In this situation, the information can be mailed to the address in the student information system or emailed to the parent or guardian if one was provided when enrolling the student.

Will virtual school students be required to participate in the general summative assessment and SAT school day?  
Yes. Virtual school students will be held to the same testing requirements as brick and mortar students.  

Are virtual school teachers certified teachers?  
Yes. As required by law, all virtual schoolteachers must hold an appropriate West Virginia teaching certificate.  

Will the county provide devices for virtual school learning?  
Cabell County Schools provides every enrolled student a device. K-5 students will have iPads; 6-8 students will have iPads with keyboards; 9-12 students will have MacBook Air laptops.  

Elementary Students (K-5)

With elementary virtual school, will there be live classes such as specific class times for instruction?  
For elementary virtual school options, Cabell County teachers will provide instruction for virtual school students during normal school hours. Currently, we are building a schedule that will have teacher interaction via TEAMS at specific times each day. Interaction will include delivery of instruction, small groups and conferencing times. Assignments will be uploaded in Schoology and may require parent interaction to support the student’s needs. Parent/teacher conference times will be scheduled within the first 9-week period. Curriculum will be built by Cabell County teachers and uploaded to Schoology.  If elementary students need after-school support, they may access recorded sessions and it will be a more self-paced environment.  

Where can I register my student for virtual school?
Virtual School Registration Link 

How do I know how to start classes in September?   
Virtual school teachers will contact all students on their class list and provide guidance on how to access and use Schoology.   

How will elementary students complete PE, art, and music virtually?  
Students will be provided PE, art, and music assignments as part of their virtual school programming.  

Are there any live interactions with the teachers and the other students in remote learning or in elementary virtual school?   
Elementary virtual students will have live virtual sessions if they participate during the school day.  The after-school hours virtual school will only have recorded sessions and will be a more self-paced environment. 

Do students have to attend class at a specific time or duration?  
Elementary students can expect to spend approximately 3-4 hours daily in lessons/activities.  

What courses will be available virtually for K-5???  
Every course that is available in your building is available to take virtually. 

Secondary Students (6-12)

What will virtual school look like for a secondary student (grades 6-12)? Will they be taught by a Cabell County teacher?  
Students at the secondary level will have a West Virginia certified teacher teaching the class; however, the teacher may not be a Cabell County teacher. The student will have a Cabell County educator who is his or her liaison for support. The liaison will monitor student progress, grades and assist students as needed.  Liaisons will contact students at least once per week and will be available via email.   

Can high school students take honors classes virtually? 
Most classes available at a student’s home high school can be taken virtually.  A list of available virtual school courses can be found here: 

Where can I register my student for virtual school? 

How do I know how to start classes in September?  
Liaisons will reach out to each student through thier K-12 email address.  

Can my child participate in graduation?  
Yes, all activities at the school will be available to the virtual school student. 

What is my child able to do as a virtual student in his/her school?  
Students can participate in any extracurricular activities such as clubs, band, sports, dances, etc. they would like at their school. 

How do students take proctored exams?  
Virtual school classes do not require any classes on school campus. There are times throughout the course at the secondary level where students need to come in to take proctored exams. If schools are in Phases 1 or 2, students will not be expected to enter campus to take exams; however, if schools are in Phase 3, students will be expected to take the proctored exams at the school. 

Are there any live interactions with the teachers and the other students?  
Live instruction is not a part of virtual school at the secondary level.  

What are the curricula used? What courses are available for middle and high school students?
The course catalog can be found by folowing the included link. Students may only enroll in Cabell County approved courses.

What are Cabell County approved courses? 
The approved Cabell County courses can be found here: 

How long would students be expected to be online each day? 
Students must login on a regular basis to complete work. The course is similar to an online college class. Students have access to all required activities (quizzes, assignments, discussions, etc.) upfront. They work through the content at their own pace. There are no due dates, however all assignments must be completed by the end of the semester. The West Virginia Virtual School teacher will provide grades, feedback, and additional support as needed. Students taking virtual classes are expected to have excellent time management skills and be self-disciplined to complete course requirements. Middle and high school students will spend at least 4 hours a day on coursework to be successful.