Virtual School Help

Virtual School Help Line 304.528.5192

Middle & High School

What is the web address for virtual school?
Middle and high schools students navigate to

What is my username and password to access virtual school?
The username is the student's K12, or Office 365, email account ( The password for all students was reset over the summer to their last name and the last four digits of their student. The last name will be capitalized. Password example: Smith1234

When I enter my email into WV Learns, the message states my login or password is incorrect. What do I do? 
Contact your home school and request assistance from the sysop. Provide name, WVEIS number, and all information that will help resolve the issue.

My Cabell County Schools device (iPad or Macbook) is not working?
Contact your home school and request assistance from the sysop. Provide name, WVEIS number, serial number (on the home screen of device), and username for Cabell County Schools. Example: jsmith12345.

I have questions about my course in WV Learns.
Once you log into WV Learns, contact the teacher assigned to the course. The information for the instructor is the right side of the webpage.

"Oops! MIssing Keys" Error when Accessing Wellness and Art Classes
  1. Safari
    1. Open Settings 
    2. Scroll down and tap Safari
    3. Under Privacy & Security, toggle Prevent Cross-site Tracking (it needs to be turned off). (Note: Safari has an interesting glitch. If this is already unchecked, try checking it, exiting Settings, going back in, and then unchecking again).
    4. Refresh your page - if a standard refresh doesn't work, try clearing cache ( and refreshing.
    5. If you are using iOS 13+, you may also need to ensure the Request Desktop Website is not toggled, then refresh again if the step above doesn't fix the issue.
  2. Chrome Mobile – iOS
    1. Unfortunately, at this time, you cannot change the third-party cookies setting in Chrome Mobile for iOS. You can use iOS' inbuilt Safari browser (instructions above).
    2. Chrome might not provide a consistent experience for our WVLearns users

Can my Apple device read the screen to me to WV Learns?
Yes, on an iPad, enable spoken content. Navigate to Settings on the iPad, then Accessibility, Spoken Content, Speak Selection and Speak Screen need toggled on (green is on). To have the content read, swipe down with two fingers. A speech-to-text controller can be enabled to have on the screen as well. Toggle the Speech Controller to on for a small control to appear on the screen.
A short, 3-minute Apple video shows the process

On a Macbook, use the directions below from Apple. 
  1. On your Mac, choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, click Accessibility, then click Speech.

  2. Select the “Speak selected text when the key is pressed” checkbox. By default, speaking is enabled when you press Option-Esc. To choose a different key, click Change Key, press one or more modifier keys (Command, Shift, Option, or Control) together with another key, then click OK.

  3. To have your Mac start speaking, press the specified key. To stop the speaking, press the key again. If text is selected when you press the key, the selected text is spoken. Otherwise, available text items in the current  window are spoken.

Email Dr. Lee Ann Port at [email protected] with unanswered questions for the virtual school program.

Elementary School

How does my student access elementary virtual school?
Cabell County virtual school for elementary student is hosted in Schoology for the district. The web address is