The students of Crossroads Academy join us from the various middle and high schools throughout Cabell County including Huntington Middle, Huntington East Middle, Barboursville Middle, Milton Middle, Huntington High, Cabell Midland High, and the Cabell County Career and Technical Center.  Due to the unique circumstances of each student's arrival, the student and guardian come together to enroll in the school.  They meet with Ms. Scott, principal, and Mrs. Cheetham, counselor.  School rules and procedures are thoroughly explained and students and parents have the opportunity to ask any questions they may have about Crossroads Academy.  
Regardless of these students' pasts, some of the best things parents and guardians can do is be actively monitoring their children, encouraging good behaviors and work ethic in school and the community, and disciplining as needed to show that they care.  These students need all of our positive influences to help them be the best citizens possible.