Cabinet/Senior Leadership Team


  Superintendent Ryan Saxe photo  

Ryan Saxe


Assistant Superintendents

Kelly Watts photo
Kim Cooper photo
Tim Hardesty photo
 Drew Rottgen Photo

Kelly Watts

Assistant Superintendent,
Division of Instruction and Leadership

Kim Cooper

Assistant Superintendent,
Operations Division

Tim Hardesty

Assistant Superintendent,
Division of District Support and Employee Relations
Office of Finance


Jedd Flowers photo
 Kristin Giles photo
Executive Director,
Middle School
Executive Director,
High School
Director of Communications
Executive Director,
Elementary School
Sherrone Hornbuckle photo 
General Counsel
Jason Jackson 
Director of Technology and Information Systems 

Chief Health Officer 


Senior Leadership Team

Joan AdkinsPre-K Manager

Jeremy Baisden


Coordinator of Information Systems

Frank BarnettDirector of Career Technical Education

Rhonda McCoy 


Director of Food Services

Chip McMillian


Energy Manager

Joe Meadows


Director of Transportation

Lee Ann Porter


Manager of Assessment

Heather Scarberry


Director of Special Education

Debbie Smith


Manager of Professional Personnel 

Tim Stewart


Safety Manager

David Tackett


Manager of Service Personnel

Greg Webb


Director Buildings and Grounds

Keith Thomas


Director of Student Support