Saunders Elementary

Saunders Elementary

Saunders Elementary

Saunders Elementary About Saunders Elementary

Saunders school located on Road 35 approximately 2.1 miles from Hite school,2.4 miles from Bowen Ridge and 4.4 miles from Long Branch.

Saunders Elementary located in Huntington, WV, taught grades 1-6.

In 1949-50 there were 138 students enrolled.

In 1951-52 there were 126 students.

The average enrollment for the next few years was 123 students.

In 1955-56 there were 113 students enrolled.

It was estimated that for the 1956-57 school year the enrollment would be approximately 100-110.

This school is not listed in the 1957-58 Directory.

This information was obtained from: “Directory Cabell County PublicSchools”, 1955-1956 and 1957-1958 was a loan from John Hanna, Principalat Southside Elementary.

“Directory Cabell County Public Schools”, 1960-1961. A loan from Mike O’Dell, Assistant Superintendent/Operations