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Middle School Academic Support

Middle School Academic Statements

Cabell County Schools strives to engage all students in a rigorous and relevant curriculum.  Through the process of progress monitoring and an intentional focus on individual student data, educators will assist students in meeting high levels of learning and mastery of the grade level standards.

District Expectations for 6-8 Curriculum and Instruction

Standards-Based Planning Aligned with District Curriculum Maps

  • Implementation of District Standards At-A-Glance Document with quarterly standards assignment
  • Standards-aligned curriculum maps with vetted resources for instruction
  • Use of data to drive instruction and reflection in educator planning

Literacy Instruction across All Content Areas

  • Close reading practices in all content areas
  • Emphasize argument in writing with text evidence
  • Development of academic and domain specific vocabulary

High Impact Instructional Strategies & Student Engagement

  • Engage students in authentic learning experiences
  • Create a learning environment focused on student achievement for all
  • Offer opportunities for student choice based on interest
  • Increase inquiry-based learning with rigor
  • Utilize technology for student learning and authentic student products 

Fidelity of Instructional Program

  • Implementation of research-based instructional programs and core instructional materials according to district provided guidance and training 

Curriculum Plan

  • Grade Level/Course Standards
  • Curriculum Maps
  • Career Literacy
  • Schoolog
  • ELA Learning Target Addendum
  • Math At-A-Glace Document  
  • Language Instruction Addendum

Instructional Resources and Programs

Instructional Materials

  • ELA: Pearson
  • Mathematics: Carnegie Learning
  • Science: FOSS, McGraw Hill
  • Social Studies: McGraw Hill, Clairmont


  • MATHia (Math)
  • Newsela (All)

Progress Monitoring for Instructional Planning-All Schools


  • NWEA MAP (Math & ELA)
  • Quarterly Common Assessments


  • MATHia (Math)
  • Newsela (all)