About McComas

McComas School located in Branchland, WV, taught grades 1-6.

In 1955-56 there were 31 students.

In 1957-58 there were 36 students.

In 1960-61 there were 75 students.

Thisinformation was obtained from: “Directory Cabell County PublicSchools”, 1955-1956 and 1957-1958 was a loan from John Hanna, Principalat Southside Elementary.

“Directory Cabell County Public Schools”, 1960-1961. A loan from Mike O’Dell, Assistant Superintendent/Operations

In 1979-80 school year there were 41 students.

In 1980-81 school year there were 43 students.

In 1981-82 school year there were 47 students.

In 1982-83 school year the school was closed.

This information was obtained by:

Information Concerning the Proposed Closing of Milton High School

Preparedin Pursuant to Code of West Virginia Chapter 18, Article 5, Section 13aand West Virginia Board of Education, Policy 6200