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Insurance Benefits

Insurance Benefits

The Cabell County Board of Education provides a comprehensive insurance benefit plan for those employees who wish to participate.
To enroll, please call Patti Gillispie at (304) 528-5023 to schedule an appointment.

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Health Insurance

Please direct inquiries to Patti Gillispie (304) 528-5023.

Instructions on how to enroll in Health and Life Insurance and to make changes.

PEIA Healthy Tomorrows Reporting Form

Summary Plans, Shopper's Guides, Forms, and Contact Information can be found at the following link:
Public Employees Insurance Agency (PEIA)

Dental and Vision

Please direct all inquiries to Patti Gillispie (304) 528-5023.

Long Term Disability

To enroll and for more information, please contact Patti Gillespie at (304) 528-5023.

Long-Term Disability (LTD) Insurance helps replace a portion of your income for an extended period of time.  All active full-time employees working at least 17.5 hours per week are eligible to participate.  Benefits begin after the end of the 90 day elimination period.

For more information, MetLife LTD - Explanation of Benefits.

MetLife Disability
P.O. Box 14590
Lexington, KY  40511-4590
Phone: 1-800-230-9531
(Customer Service 8 am - 11pm, ET to answer your questions.)

Death Benefit

Please direct all inquiries to Patti Gillispie at (304) 528-5023.
Full-time Cabell County School Employees are eligible to enroll in a Death Benefit coverage of $2,500.00.  The cost of memebership is $18.00 per year, and this amount is payroll deducted at the cost of $1.80 per month, over 10 months.

The total benefit of $2,500.00 is payable to the employee's designated beneficiary upon notification of death.  The benefit does not decrease with age, and employees may retain this benefit into retirement.

To enroll, BOE - Death Benefit Enrollment.
Group Life Insurance:

Minnesota Life Insurance Company
400 Tracy Way, Suite 100
Charleston, WV 25311