Drew Rottgen, Treasurer


The Cabell County Board of Education utilizes a uniform financial accounting system in accordance with WV Department of Education policies and regulations to ensure that resources are safeguarded and used for the benefit of the children of Cabell County.


Our Staff

Drew Rottgen
 Treasurer/ Chief School Business Officer

 (304) 528-5047

[email protected]

Tim Stewart
 Safety Manager

(304) 528-5091

[email protected]s

Kim Parsons
Professional Staff Accountant
Titles and Special Projects


ksparson[email protected]

Mike Patton
 Professional Staff Accountant 

 (304) 528-5056

[email protected]

Helen Coleman
Accounts Payable


[email protected]

Patti Gillispie
Benefits Coordinator

(304) 528-5023

[email protected]

 Janet Mitchell
 (304) 528-5035j[email protected]
Anna Pitkin
 Employee Attendance, Travel 
(304) 528-5014

Claudia Stevens

(304) 528-5025

[email protected]


Financial Statements for prior years can be found by search
on the WV State Auditor Chief Inspector's site at the link below.