Elementary Virtual School

Elementary Virtual School

Virtual School Information for Parents

Welcome to Cabell County Virtual Elementary School.  Our virtual school learning plan provides for students to learn in a developmentally appropriate environment. We are excited to utilize Cabell County teachers to provide rigorous curriculum and instruction parallel to the traditional school model.

Students will need to login to Schoology and TEAMS daily to interact with their teacher and class, submit assignments and maintain passing grades. (Please see the Parent Links to the right of this page.) Virtual students will be online daily for at least a total of two hours for direct instruction with their teacher.  This online time will be spread throughout the day.  The rest of the school day will be spent completing independent assignments and online work.

Using Teams for
Distance Learning

Parent Expectations
  • Sign Acceptable Use Policy concerning internet and device usage
  • Ensure daily internet access for your child
  • Create a quiet workspace
  • Monitor child's progress and grades
  • Provide support and encouragement
  • Provide structure and guidance when completing course work
  • Assist your child with lessons but not with any tests, quizzes, or assessments
Student Expectations
  • Sign Acceptable Use Policy concerning internet and device usage
  • Practice time management and organizational skills 
  • Is self-directed and self regulated
  • Interact with teacher and classmates online (At least 2 hours face-to-face with teacher daily)
  • Submit assignments weekly
  • Maintain passing scores in each course
  • Attendance required.

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