Drug Testing

Drug Testing

1. Look for "Drug Testing Documents" on this page.

2. Select “Drug Testing Quiz” and print the quiz.

3. Complete the “Drug Testing Quiz” as you proceed through the “Drug Testing Orientation/Policy Overview”.

4.Select “Drug Testing Policy Overview” and view the PowerPoint. Make sure that your speakers are on as there is audio with the orientation.  Click the speaker icon on each slide to access the recording.

5. Complete all questions on the “DrugTesting Quiz”. You will turn the Quiz in to your school to verify that you have completed the orientation.

6. Select “Student Drug Testing Consent Form” and print the “Student Drug Testing Consent Form”.

7. Fill out and sign the “Student Drug Testing Consent Form” and have your parent/guardian sign it as well.

8. Submit the “Consent Form” and “Drug Testing Quiz” as listed below:
  • If you are an athlete, submit both forms to your coach with your physical form. 
  •  If you are purchasing a parking permit, submit the “Consent Form” and  “Drug Testing   Quiz”to the school with your proof of insurance.  
  • If you are a volunteer participant or an athlete whose sport doesn’t  start until Winter or Spring, submit your forms to the Principals’  Office at your school at the beginning of the school year