Douglas High School

Douglas High School

Douglas High School

Douglas High School About Douglas High

In 1893, a stone and brick building with 6 rooms was erected on the corner of 8th Ave and 16th Street.

This building was known as “Douglas School.”

It was the first school for “colored pupils”.

The source for this information is:

Valerie Crook who sites her source as:

History of Education in West Virginia

Prepared under the direction of the State Superintendent of Free Schools

1904, Charleston: The Tribune Printing Company

Douglas Junior, Senior High School located on 10th Avenue and Bruce Street, Huntington, WV taught grades 7-12.

In 1955-56, there were 350 students enrolled.

In 1957-58 there were 246 students enrolled.

In 1960-61 there were 206 students.

This information was obtained from: “Directory Cabell County Public Schools”, 1955-1956 and 1957-1958 was a loan from John Hanna, Principal at Southside Elementary.

“Directory Cabell County Public Schools”, 1960-1961. A loan from Mike O’Dell, Assistant Superintendent/Operations